Monthly Archives: September 2013

Are you Ready For Some FootBall!… It’s Soccer Week…


It is that time of the year.. When a few football games come out.. I know what your thinking.. “But Madden/NCAA already came out this year?”… It’s a American thing…

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Hot Wheels is NOT… The GOTY.. Short Play


I played Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver for 45 minutes.. What Did I think about it?

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Its that Time of the week again… September 17th


Don’t you love Tuesday… No… They can go to hell? This week I play some new games that you never heard of…

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The GOTY comes out this week… Lets talk about it!

trophySo as some know, This week of September 16th… The GOTY is being released.. People have waited for months… Years for this one… Lets talk about it…

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Adventure Time! Not The Show.. Atelier Totori Plus – Mini Review?

totoriWhat Time Is It? For me to talk about Atelier Totori Plus for the Vita!  Did I Enjoy it?  Just have to read to find out huh! Read the rest of this entry

To get in the Killzone while Playing Hockey with a Puppet? Mini Reviews!!


Recently I played Killzone Mercenaries, NHL 14 and The Puppeteer… What did I think about all these shenanigans?

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New Games You Say… They Released WHAT!? 9/10 Releases


Its that time of the week again… Tuesday… What Will I be checking out this week… Just horrible games.. Maybe…

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Vita on TV! or how Sony Thinks the Vita might be Ouya…


Sony Press Conference at TGS this year was a shocker.. Kinda.. Vita Love everywhere… Get ready to read!

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Pocket Alchemy! Atelier Meruru Plus… The Short review?


I have been playing as a Alchemist on my vita…  Have I been having fun.. Yes…. Yes I have.. Will you have fun? Well you will have to read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry

One is the loneliest number… November 22nd Launch

One-yearNumber ONEEEEE!! Now you have that song stuck in your head… and here some ramblings about the upcoming launch of the Xbox One! Read the rest of this entry