Pocket Alchemy! Atelier Meruru Plus… The Short review?


I have been playing as a Alchemist on my vita…  Have I been having fun.. Yes…. Yes I have.. Will you have fun? Well you will have to read on to find out…So on Tuesday the 3rd of September… We actually got a new vita release.. Out of no where! Well not really out of no where.. and it was on the ps3 first.. but still…. A NEW VITA GAME TO PLAY!  So you might be asking “What is it about?” …..Your on the internet!  Wait.. Don’t Go.. Stay.. Read!

This might be one RPG that you might be interested in…  If you just want the Review Part.. Go Directly to the bottom now… It will start off as bold.. you cant miss it..


You play as Merurulince Rede Arls…. Meruru for short… She wants to be a alchemist.. but she has one problem…. ***RECORD SCRATCH**** Shes a Princess and her Daddy does not approve… What will she Do? Did you just picture that as some type of cheesy movie trailer… I hope you did.. Back to the Review!


Her father decides that he will let her become a Alchemist.. but only if she can improve her kingdom of Arls before they join in with Arland. He tells her she has 3 years to improve the town and population….. If she can do so she can continue the Alchemist dream… but if she can’t… well she will just have to be a princess only.

I know what your thinking… “Wait.. How will she do this by herself?” Well she has help, Meruru has a teacher already.  Her teacher is the great Totooria Helmold aka Miss Totori.. Yes the main character from the Atelier Totori. She is helping you become the Alchemist that you want to be!

Before we get deeper into this.. Let me explain something that is Key to this game.. Are you ready? I can’t hear you! Time!

You see Time is a big key in this game.. Everything you do uses up Time.. Synthesize items… Traveling.. Resting.. It all uses Time…Well Days really if you would like to be technical. You have goals to reach each year that you do not want to ignore..

Before you adventure out, you talk to Rufus.. Hes the adviser to your Father. He will decode letters and gives you missions to complete to get points/resources to develop buildings/attractions/walls to attract more people to your small kingdom. You have to build up population some way…. This isn’t some AO rated game.. Shes just a young lady! He is also the guy you report to.. Tell him what you want to develop when you have enough points and it will begin.


Before you know it.. your off traveling the land to collect ingredients to synthesize items.. It takes a day or so to travel but you do not mind.. You have some friends go along.. Some ordered by your father to protect you.. You are a princess you know.. This is only the beginning…

As you go along, you will battle creatures with your friends. You can have two others in your group at all times.. This helps with combat a lot. Combat is standard turn base with Attack,Item, Skill, Guard and Flee. You pick up items and put them in your limited basket.

You go back home..You dump your basket into your container. You synthesize items to complete missions and you explore your town.. After awhile new things will unlock.. Like in the tavern you can get missions to make money…. and then you can spend that money on items.. Later on you have a weapon shop open up.. You can buy items and also get him to make items for you if you have the ingredients. All basic RPG game-play that you have grown up with.

Without getting into anything spoiler like.. The game has a interesting side story that happens that involves someone from a Past Atelier game.. You are introduces to more characters during the years and some of these are available to join you in your adventures. You also come across twins that will synthesize and hunt for you.. This becomes handy..


So I just covered the basics correct? I think so.. Time, Synthesize,Development, Explore, Missions, Battle.. Level Up… wait

Dammit I forgot to mention the Leveling up System! Ok… Be Cool.. You know.. its a RPG.. You level up but did you know you actually have two systems on your character? Well now you do… You have your basic RPG level.. For attack.. health.. all that good stuff.. but you also have a Alchemist level. The more you synthesize.. the more this level will go up… the more stuff you can make and the odds of you failing making it goes down…

The Aesthetic Part of the Review!

As many know, This game was first released on the PS3… This is a port… and let me tell you.. This is about the best Port I have seen on the Vita..  It is beautiful.. It looks really close to its PS3 counterpart… I was super impressed booting this up the first time.. Everything seems right.. Nice and smooth.. No screen tearing that plagues others..

Controls are also fine in my book. Hitting Triangle while not in a battle will bring up your menu, Depending on where your at.. You can look at what items are in your Container. You can also equip equipment on you and your party.. Check your status.. Check Development mission status… Your quest… Check out what creatures you ran into in your library and your standard option menu.

I have heard some people talk about the camera.. but I didn’t have much of a problem with it at all..  The camera can be zoomed in and out with the right stick.. Mostly I did not even mess with it because I was alright with the regular camera angle.

As far a the Plus part of the game.. You get a few different costumes, the game is rebalanced and that is about it.. This is not a problem since really.. this is the first time the game is on the vita.

What I think about the game..

Believe it or not.. I racked up some hours in this game. It has your basic RPG elements but it also has this simple kingdom building story line that gets you hooked. It truly just clicks on the vita, You will pick it up thinking… ” Well I will play for a bit…” then look up and notice hours or so have gone by… Because you are having fun.. You want to complete those task to get points to bring in people..

Atelier Meruru might be the last in line of that section of Atelier games.. I know what you’r thinking ” I haven’t played the other two!” This should not stop you.. You can go back and play the first two.. or you can jump right in..  This is fine..

As this being the plus release… Everything has been rebalanced for a easier jump in.. but the game is still a challenge at time…

Sadly.. I made it to year 3… my population was not enough… and it was game over for me on my first play through.  Was I upset… No.. It was my fault because I forgot about that important part of the game.. Time…  I had wasted a lot by making items I did not need or running back and forth without making stops… Even over sleeping at times..

Will I be trying again? Yes.. I am already! I am already playing again.. About to get to year 2 and It looks like I might be able to make it!

The game has value.. It has replay value.. You wont be able to see everything in one play through. This is a game that you will want to go through several times to see everything.. and you will have fun each and ever time…

So should you play it on the Vita?

Simple Answer… Yes… Yes you should.. Again the game just feels like it is at home on the vita. From beautiful graphics to game-play that will get you hooked… Come on… It is awesome.. Unless you don’t like playing as a Female because your afraid of what your friends might think….. and you know what.. Your playing on a handheld… They will never know… They are not cool anyways.. Lake of Fire I say… Also This…

Look At That Horse!

Look At That Horse!

If your looking for a RPG for your vita.. This is it.. Hell I played this more this week then Diablo III.. And we all know how Awesome Diablo III is..  Game has something if that happens… Just saying..



Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland For the Playstation Vita
Developed by GUST CO., LTD.
Published by Tecmo Koei America Corp.
Is available now on the North American PSN for $39.99
Playable in Original Japanese and English Dub
Disclaimer? One of those nice people at Tecmo Koei Aemerica was nice enough to provide me with a code to review this nice game… I just said nice alot… Whats up with all these dots man.. Dots everywhere man..

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