Adventure Time! Not The Show.. Atelier Totori Plus – Mini Review?

totoriWhat Time Is It? For me to talk about Atelier Totori Plus for the Vita!  Did I Enjoy it?  Just have to read to find out huh!Last week I played and posted up a review for Meruru for the vita.. You can check it out here?

You might want to read that first… but the Bottom Line, I really digged Meruru! I was hooked,It’s a great game for the vita. So what Did I do this week? Well I tried to play Totori Plus.. Yes the game before Meruru…

So what do you do in the game you say?


You Play as Totooria Helmold… Totori for short.. Shes just a normal girl from Alanya… Well she is not really normal you see… She is into Alchemy but she really wants to be a Adventurer! With the help of her friends.. She might actually become one.. But here is the catch.. She has 3 years to build enough points and to keep her license current enough to become one for good.  She also has a missing mom and believes she is some where in the world.. Waiting for her to find her.. Another reason why she wants to become a Adventurer!

You start off with a few friends, You run around and fight enemies in a standard RPG style.. Same concept as Meruru. You collect up items to synthesize… Same as Meruru..  You do quest this time from a Bar to collect up currency to buy Items from the shops.  You do all of this until you get to Arland to start your true quest to be a adventurer. You collect up item/synthesize/monster hunt to build up points for upgrading your license.

2013-09-12-135124While in Arland you can visit a few places, Like where you get license and a armory…You also run into Rorona shop.. She was the main character in Atelier Rorona and also in Meruru. She then later on  pops up at your house needing your help!


So now you should have a basic idea of what is going on.  You collect, do quest, fight monsters, alchemy, get points for your license..

The Technical Part of the Review?

Well The game looks beautiful. It looks as good as Meruru. Loading is fine, Sound is fine, a few clipping issues but nothing serious.  The controls all work, No problem with the camera. They did a nice job porting it from the PS3 to the Vita.

So you Loved Meruru.. So you Love Totori Also.. Right?

2013-09-12-100453Sadly, I could not get into Totori.. I tried.. I put several hours in and really tried to give the game a shot. It’s not because the game is bad.. No.. This looks like a great RPG… The reason I could not get into it was because I screwed up.. I played Meruru before Totori.. Playing number 3 before 2…

They are a lot alike but Totori is for the Hardcore RPG fan. I found myself “lost”… I had no clue where to go or to do some times.. It literally took me about 2-3 hours in to trigger my ride to Arland for the first time.. That is where you get your adventure license.  The monsters in this game ramp up quickly and become a challenge if you slack off for awhile.. It is a game that keeps you on your toes. Time plays a important factory in Totori, You must manage it or you will find yourself running out of it.. Totori has a large map that unlocks.. a bunch of areas to explorer and creatures to fight. You will have to grind to level up to fight most of them.

Again, I think if I had played this first before Meruru.. I would of really got into it.. but I just cant.. Horrible I know but.. This can be a tale of not playing games out of order..

Should You Play It?

If you like RPG’s that have plenty of meat on its bones.. Yes… Yes you should.. You should play this first.. But if your like me and hooked on Meruru.. Give it a chance.. You might like it… You most likely will if you love RPG’s… Really.. Check out Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland Plus for the Playstation Vita.. Then check out Meruru


Developed by GUST CO., LTD.
Published by Tecmo Koei America Corp.
Is available now on the North American PSN for $39.99
Playable in Original Japanese and English Dub
Disclaimer? One of those nice people at Tecmo Koei Aemerica was nice enough to provide me with a code.

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