The GOTY comes out this week… Lets talk about it!

trophySo as some know, This week of September 16th… The GOTY is being released.. People have waited for months… Years for this one… Lets talk about it…

The time has come, The game that everyone wants is about to release…. Are you ready for the hours of game play and that great online that is coming… Are you ready to be the best with your friends?


YEAH! HOT WHEELS WORLD’S BEST DRIVER releases this Tueday! Are you excited! I am EXCITED…. This game looks great! Really… You can ride a bike… a BIKE man! They don’t make Hot Wheel Bikes do they.. I don’t think they do.. But they got them in this game man…. Just look!

hw1They let you use a bike… and you get to do tricks.. Its like playing with real hot wheels or something.. and its made by the same guys that made Need for Speed.. The Run… I wonder if it will have quick time events.. Think about it.. Quick Time Events in a Hot Wheels Game… It will be amazing!


Well are you? Look at that track.. Its like those old orange Hot wheels tracks.. I bet it has a loop or two in them.. and you have to go fast or you wont make it! Here comes more pictures…


Look your racing a jet now… A Damn JET! But your in a hot wheel… your going to beat that Jet with no problem because… Your the worlds best driver…


Just look at those graphics man… Wait.. that’s just a car that’s in the game… Not the game itself.. It will still look great.. They made a Need For Speed game you know!

Drops this Tuesday on the PS3/360/WiiU for $40…. you already knew though! You have had that pre-order paid off for months…

Another game comes out this week.. Some Grand Theft Auto game..

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