Killer IS DEAD! Hey.. Been Trying to Meet ya.. Impression/Review


I completed Killer Is DEAD! Want to know what I think of it? Without that much Spoilers?

As some might known, Killer is Dead came out Last Thursday in Japan.  As a fan of Suda51 games

like “No More Heroes” and “Killer 7”.. This was a must import..  Even though the US/UK Releases at

end of the month.

So I get my PS3 copy in..

I pop it in..And after the 20 minute install…guess what..


So I am excited.. I start the game.. First Episode Loads.. Video.. Loading.. And I am playing.. 1 minute later.. Video.. Completed Episode Screen with a grade… Wait what.. a 1 minute long Episode..  Suda your crazy for that one! But you get a nice chunk of money and move on..

So Episode 2 starts… and it does the same thing and last for around 2 minutes..

Episode 3 starts… And Guess What! Its in the style of Alice in Wonderland! In a way.. This is the first episode that has a real boss fight and it takes around 20-30 minutes to go through. You also put good use to your gun in this level. Yes you have a katana but you also have 4 sub-weapons that work into this game also.. But sadly the one you start with is really all you need to use and you dont want to use them that much because they all use BLOOD!

Blood is Important.. You can use blood for finishers or 1 hit kills.. You can even use Blood to restore your health if you have the right upgrades. But how do you get upgrades.. Well from these crystal things that are in random destructible items and in enemies.

After your done with this episode a few new things will show up on the world.. Gigolo missions… Where you stare at girls while they are not looking..  Until you build up courage to give them gifts.. THIS IS LIKE REAL LIFE OR SOMETHING!  You get a few gifts to start with but you must purchase some.. and each time you do the price gets jacked up.. Gifts are like flowers.. Fans.. sticks of gum… yes a stick of gum for those classy bitches.. It does give the girls a few hearts.. and once you fill them up.. they will feel you up and give you a weapon the first few times around.  You can come back.. Each time will unlock a new video to watch and new items… Yeah.. This happens..


You also run into Scarlet in Levels.. Find her and you unlock her Gigilo mode that is more of challenges to build up her heart. She also will refuel your blood once you find her in multiple spots in 10 episodes or so.Killer_Is_Dead_scarlett-1

I know what your thinking.. ” Did He Just say 10 Episode?” well actually 12 Episodes are in the game.. only 10 she shows up in as far as I know.. Hell it might only be 8 if I think about it because you do have 2 dream episodes that last only a few minutes.. Yes this game is short..

You do have side missions and her challenges if you can find them all through the episodes.  The first side mission you get is Bug Hunt.. It takes place in Episode 3 Environment. You must kill all the bugs.. well you have to shoot at things to find them.. For me, I had to reload this 3 times because the last bug would never show up.. This is a mood killer..

None of the side missions on the map ever go away.  You can replay as much as you want! All the episodes will be re-added to the map once you complete the game.. Also a new difficulty is unlocked as well..  You can switch difficulty instantly on the map also.. This is kinda nice and lets you continue to hoard cash and prizes from the ladies..

As a few have stated, This game does have some bad screen tearing at times.. for me it was at the start of the game.. It lasted a few episodes but halfway thought it was gone.  Also if your sensitive to light.. This game will give you a head ache. I had to stop a few times because of the blurriness would start to trigger some pain in my eyes..

KillerIsDead-10I also had a weird vibe while playing it.. Like it was trying to be a platinum game.. Some characters look like they came from Madworld with the black and white style they had.. and the final boss fight.. You will say ” Wait.. He looks like… WHAT THE HELL!”

At the end of the Day.. I beat it in around 5 hours and 40 minutes.. That is going through All 12 Episodes on Normal and unlocking all 4 weapons

Lets be honest, I liked Killer IS Dead. It has its moments.. Specially during a few boss fights it does.. It shines but at the end of the day.. It is short and at full prices.. I can see most passing on this game and going cheap quick.

I say.. Check it out if your a fan of Suda51.. No this wont replace No More Heroes..  It is a fun game and you can get some value out of it if you want to give it a few re-plays.

I give it a ” Better then Lollipop Chainsaw but no where near No More Heroes”

Killer Is Dead is Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture

Published by Kadokawa Games in Japan

Published by Xseed Games in North America

Published by Deep Silver in Europe

Disclaimer! Game was Imported from Japan. You never know.. Some stuff might be all fixed up by the end of the month!



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