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Lets talk with Yosp.. Part Two.. Revenge of the Vita?


It is that time again, I recently sat down on a computer and typed this Conversation* out? Will you enjoy it.. I don’t know.. But here is Part Two of the One on One Interview with that guy from Sony.. Shuhei Yoshida! Read the rest of this entry

Fight!.. It’s the “Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds” VITA REVIEW!




Have you heard the word.. That Phantom Breaker has finally released in North America! No not the original fighter… The brawler.. On Vita! Read the rest of this entry

DooD! Disgaea 4 for the Vita!


You see that title.. Yeah you see that title.. You know what time it is.. Are you ready to go to Hades and have some fun? Read the rest of this entry