Lets talk with Yosp.. Part Two.. Revenge of the Vita?


It is that time again, I recently sat down on a computer and typed this Conversation* out? Will you enjoy it.. I don’t know.. But here is Part Two of the One on One Interview with that guy from Sony.. Shuhei Yoshida!

You know the drill, Everything will be in Twitter handle.. So here we go..

@ZQuestion – So Yosp, How are you doing? Did you get the chocolate?

@Yosp –  I am doing fine but I am not suppose to do interviews with you anymore.

@ZQuestion – Why is that? Is it because of PaRappa ? Is he Bullying you? He is not real.. Yes he knows Karate and how to throw down fresh rhymes.. But you guys pulled his heart strings by putting him in a fighting game without following up with another rhythm game!

@Yosp – No

@ZQuestion – Well was it because of the Last Interview? Not many got that hidden joke.

@Yosp – Yes

@ZQuestion – Well I will try harder this time.. I will! Anyways… You just got back from Germany a few weeks ago.. and now TGS is starting.. So.. Last Guardian… Scratch that.. I want to find out when the hell will Invizimals come out to the US for PS3/Vita..  WHY YOU DENY ME!

@Yosp- Yes, Germany is a lovely country and the fans were great.

@Yosp- I can not share anything with you about the TGS conference but we will have plenty of games to show.

@Yosp- As for Invizimals you will have to check with someone from SCEA.

@ZQuestion- You know.. Every time I see SCEA.. I think of EA.. Then I get upset for a few moments, I question everything in life.. I question Life cereal.. Why is it called Life Cereal? Is it because it is a bit generic?

@Yosp- I have no idea of what you speak of.

@ZQuestion- I don’t know.. I don’t know.. Anyways.. Back to video games.. A few people.. Well everyone who owns a vita.. Was a bit upset about the non love the vita got at E3 and European E3.

@Yosp- We love the PlayStation Vita! We have a bunch of games coming soon for it. We Love indies?

Then a unexpected twist came.. from out of no where..

@XboxP3- Hey Guys.. I heard you two are talking about games? Well we have a slew of games coming soon to the XBOX One! Xbox Loves Indies also! I hope you check them out Dezky. We have missed you.

@ZQuestion- Well a random Phil appears.. I will.. I will.. I have a nice new White XBOX ONE Sunset Overdrive locked in on Preorder… And you guys are getting Goat Simulator… I tried to warn the Sony People.. But Nooooo… Exclusives only will be played on my box..

@XboxP3- That is fine Dezkly. With Xbox we only want you to have the best experience with your device. Use your box how you like for gaming,social and TV. We wont judge you for only playing Exclusives on the Xbox One! We will just make more Exclusives for you to play on your Xbox One!

@Yosp- We love Indies!

@XboxP3- Well I will let you guys get back to the interview and I hope you both have a great day.

@ZQuestion- Well that was random, but he seems like a cool guy.. He kinda looks like Stephen Moyer. People like Bill From True Blood.. So he is good in my book.

@Yosp- He is a good guy and loves gaming. He is the perfect fit to help Microsoft over these difficult times.

@ZQuestion- Well that is a nice thing to say..  But now lets get back to the Vita.

@Yosp- We love the Vita at PlayStation and have people still working hard to get games to come over.

@ZQuestion – I am surprised @Shahidkamal has not jumped in yet..

@Yosp- Well he is a busy man and I am sure he is working with developers to get more great games on the Vita.

@ZQuestion- Speaking of Vita, In the past few weeks the Vita actually got a few Z Rated Games..

@Yosp- Yes, We like to cater to all gamers. Young to Old. The PlayStation vita is just a great Gaming device it can be played anywhere.

@ZQuestions- That is kinda funny.. The latest Z Rated game is Chaos;Head Dual… A series that was on PC and then PS3.. Now for some odd reason they decided to add Full Blown Nudity to the Vita Release.  Bedrooms and Bathrooms are the best place to play a Vita at..

@ZQuestion- Besides you guys are really shocked at how many PS4 consoles have sold?

@Yosp- Yes, We have always known that are fans are strong supporters but this is Amazing and shocking at the same time.

@ZQuestion- Well.. I better be hitting that dusty trail.. Do you have any final closing statement for the audience?

@Yosp- Everyone at Sony/PlayStation would like to Thank the Fans for the support. We are grateful to have you all gaming on the PlayStation 4 and we hope to bring you some “Bro” games soon for you to enjoy.. And you are now banned from the PlayStation Network…

@ZQuestion- Wait.. What.. I am banned..

@Yosp- Just kidding! チョ! チョ! チョ!

@ZQuestion- Will you at least accept my friends request on the PSN before I hit 1886 games played..





That was it.. He was gone… the interview was over.. I was still on the PSN… He never added me.. But Phil did.. PHIL DID! Not the one from this article another Phil did.. but Phil did.. Anyways..  People played games on the Vita….. Everyone was happy.. Until…


*Disclaimer… This never happened.. I told you this before.. This interview is not real.. It did not happen..  I also did no spell check and just wasted your time reading all of this stuff.. Enjoy?


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