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So a Floating God and a Octopus gets into my vita… Part 1


Dakko Dakko!

Do you like games? Do you like old school gaming? Do you own a vita… Well you should.. Vita has games.. and it has “The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus” & “Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD!” now!

What do I think about them? Well I go over one today! Read the rest of this entry

2DS.. The New 3DS… Thats not a 3Ds.. But 2D.. Wait What?

Your going to lay back...

Your going to lay back…

Nintendo Announced the 2DS Today.. and the world goes mad?

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Bring out your Free Games! EU Plus for Aug 28th!

PlayStation-PlusIts Plus Day!… Well for Europe.. But I am American… Wait… What? Read the rest of this entry

Project Diva F Releases today… a Rhythm game PSA

The Truth!

The Truth!

Project Diva F.. Is Finally landing in English today… And you should buy it… If you want Rhythm games to live… Read the rest of this entry

What New Releases I will Play this Week? August 26th!


So what new games.. Or re-releases I will be playing this week?

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From The Dead! – Arcania! on PS3 – US RELEASE!

91vDVgL9sSL._SL1500_I found a North American Release of Arcania for the PS3!.. I played it.. I felt like breaking it.. and here is why!

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Hiatus from Twitter?


As some might of seen, I have gone on Hiatus from Twitter!

I wanted to catch up on some gaming and more impotently.. This blog/review site!

So expect more to come!

Inca Kola… Peru Got You?

Inca Kola

Do you like Drinking Soda from  other countries???  Maybe you should read this? Read the rest of this entry

Something Odd… This Way comes?

teaserIn the next few days.. I am going to do a review.. that’s a bit different.. It will be quick.. Enjoy?

That picture is a bit of a hint of what is to come?

Killer IS DEAD! Hey.. Been Trying to Meet ya.. Impression/Review


I completed Killer Is DEAD! Want to know what I think of it? Without that much Spoilers?

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