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Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Over Drive… The Short… HALF ASS REVIEW! for the PS4!

Phantom Breaker : Battlegrounds -Overdrive-_20150807094452 Guess what day it is… No.. Not Hump DAY! It is Friday! It is time for another Half Ass Review! Have you accepted Phantom Breaker in your heart as your beat em up savior? Read the rest of this entry

Nom Nom Galaxy.. THE REVIEW!

Nom Nom Galaxy_20150516221644

Are you hungry? Will soup do you? Lets take a trip to the Playstation 4. Ready to make that soup and send it off into space on a damn rocket! Come with me.. Because where we are going.. Me and you are going to make some Soup…  Also… Nom Nom Nomin on Heavens Dooraaa. If you don’t sing that in your head.. You won’t get it..  Like always.. You do not have to read all of this.. Jump down to the bottom where it says my “Opinion Part of the Review”.. If you know what the hell is going on in the game and just want to see what I think of it.. Read the rest of this entry

Lets Talk about… Mamorukun Curse!


Lets talk about shoot em up… No not that movie.. SHMUPS! Lets talk about Mamorukun Curse!

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Hot Wheels is NOT… The GOTY.. Short Play


I played Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver for 45 minutes.. What Did I think about it?

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Pocket Alchemy! Atelier Meruru Plus… The Short review?


I have been playing as a Alchemist on my vita…  Have I been having fun.. Yes…. Yes I have.. Will you have fun? Well you will have to read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry

Diablo Went Down on Rayman.. 9/3 Games


What Will I PLAY this week!!  READ READ READ! Well some of what I will play this week Read the rest of this entry

2DS.. The New 3DS… Thats not a 3Ds.. But 2D.. Wait What?

Your going to lay back...

Your going to lay back…

Nintendo Announced the 2DS Today.. and the world goes mad?

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