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Dezkly Presents.. “Lost Dimension” The Half Ass Review.. For the VITA!


Hello everyone! It has been awhile.. And everything I can’t remember… As fucked up as it all may seem… The consequences that I’ve rendered…
I’ve stretched myself beyond my means. Wait.. Here is a half ass review for a good game.. Enjoy? Read the rest of this entry

Adventure Time! Not The Show.. Atelier Totori Plus – Mini Review?

totoriWhat Time Is It? For me to talk about Atelier Totori Plus for the Vita!  Did I Enjoy it?  Just have to read to find out huh! Read the rest of this entry

Pocket Alchemy! Atelier Meruru Plus… The Short review?


I have been playing as a Alchemist on my vita…  Have I been having fun.. Yes…. Yes I have.. Will you have fun? Well you will have to read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry