Dezkly Presents.. “Lost Dimension” The Half Ass Review.. For the VITA!


Hello everyone! It has been awhile.. And everything I can’t remember… As fucked up as it all may seem… The consequences that I’ve rendered…
I’ve stretched myself beyond my means. Wait.. Here is a half ass review for a good game.. Enjoy?

Come on it.. Shut the door.. Its cold outside.. You are still here? Well recently I sat down and put 20 hours into Lost Dimension for the PlayStation Vita.  If you would like to read what I think about it.. Just keep reading.. If you do not want to read what I thought about it.. Just go buy the fucking game.. Why are you here? Spying on me? You could just play this game instead.. Piss Off!

Alright you stayed, Congratulations! You get to learn about a cool game named ” Lost Dimension”.. Recently released on the PlayStation 3 and Vita.  This game has everything.. It has anime.. It has explosions.. It has robots.. It is a game..  It starts off with Eren Yeager with his  Maneuver Gear… Wait.. wrong game..

Lost Dimension starts off with a bang.. Well a fully animated cut scene.. Like Anime Animated.. They had money guys.. They had money! So this guy named “The End”.. Is like ” Fuck you.. I am giving the world 13 days before I fuck shit up”… You wake up as Sho… He has no clue what the fuck is going on.. You have no clue what the fuck is going on but you have a team on the field.. You fuck some robots up and find out that the ELEVEN man/woman group named “SEALED” all with a special ability that will try to stop him… But they are in a tower… and “The End” shows up… Saying a traitor is among you! It then becomes Game of Thrones with less wieners..


Everyone flips shit and makes you the leader because you have “Vision”… You can kinda.. Half ass.. tell who a traitor is by reading thoughts. So you become the gossip bitch in the group..  Really.. they come up to you and ask ” Do you think that blah blah blah is the blah blah blah OMG OMG smiley face sad face cucumber!” I would like to take the “Gossip Bitch” part out and apologize if it offends you.. But I wont…


You will be stuck in a room with these guys for the entire game.. So you better communicate with them.. You can increase your bond with the first two conversations you have after each mission. You can also run into small events to learn more about these characters and to see if they drop clues about being a traitor. Yes.. This game turns into Danganronpa! This is all part of the plan.



Have I told you guys that this game is a Tactical RPG? Yep… It is true.. It is turned based combat. It also has all the normal stuff that comes with most RPGs.. Like buying weapons..stuff for health… other special attacks.. Leveling up…  Point distribution system… Child DayCare.. Using your powers too much and making you go berserk with a more powerful attack and not giving a fuck who you hit! You can link attacks if your comrades are in range.. You can also defer and pass that characters turn to another that is close by…  You just got to remember.. Fuck the enemy up.. Pick your team and jump in!


So you get out of the mission/side mission. You will get a screen with a rating and a point score for how many kills each person got.  The kills turn into points and this gives a leader-board for more votes at the end.. I will get to this later.. Fuck it.. We do it now.. If you are at the top 3 you will get a extra vote to eliminate the traitor…


Once you are out of a mission you will spy on your comrades and see if they are traitors.. If you see something red.. that might be a traitor.. You have a special section that shows the happiness with each other, points, who will be voted off forecast and a box that shows who all you have taken in for each mission on that floor.. You can mark them if you think they are traitors and use a VP point to go into the mind of whoever and clear it up if they are or not.. But be warned.. Just because they are not a traitor on one floor.. Does not mean they wont be on the next.. So pay attention.


So you clear the floor of missions and what side missions you need to do.. because side missions need to be done to move on sometimes.. even though they are fucking side missions.  You are invited to go into a room… and it becomes a bit more Danganronpa..  Well not really.. Some words get thrown at times and you have to put your vote in… Who is the traitor? Well you will find out.. If you picked right they will tell you but if not.. You just got a innocent person deleted..


This will go on until you get to the top to face “The End”. If you choose wisely you wont have any traitors but most likely you will have some and they will turn on you at the end… Well before the end.. At the end.. before the end..


The Opinion Part of the Review?  Graphics at times are a bit wonky. Character models at times look good in battle but then they can look jagged in the main room.  Gameplay itself is very solid and enjoyable. It could use to have more different enemy types since this is a two play through type of game. The game does have some length and with the free DLC that has been released for the first two weeks..  it has added even more hours of game play.  I do prefer the Vita release over the PS3 release. This game is meant to be a pick up and go type game. Over all I really enjoyed this game and highly suggest it to anyone that is into tactical rpgs.   So if you have a vita.. want a new game to play.. Check this mother fucker out..


A Quote that sums up the game..

“Myths and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near-infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men’s reality. Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of ‘the rat race’ is not yet final.” Hunter S. Thompson

Lost Dimension was Developed by Lancarse and Published by Atlus

Out now for the PS3/Vita for $40 a copy.

Game is not Cross buy or Cross Save but it does have two sweet Platinum’s..

Disclaimer! The Nice people at Atlus provided a code for me to review this game.. It was nice of them.. Also.. Long Live the Choco Taco!







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