Farming Simulator 15…. For the PlayStation 4.. THE REVIEW



Last week Farming Simulator 15 hit consoles, Does it live up to the reputation of being the best Farm Simulator? Lets find out in another gripping review that you might or might not read? Just remember… Get out your Fucking Chainsaw! This is the review for Farming Simulator 15 on the PlayStation 4?

Remember those good old days when you were a kid… The parents would take you to the farm.. They would leave you outside while they had to do grown up things with the Farmers… You would run around trying to catch a chicken. You would then see a goat that would tell you to sacrifice the adults in a fire.. And you know.. you were a kid.. and you would do anything to make Lord Kramdar happy.. Good old days… What was I talking about? Oh yeah…  Farming Simulator 15 for the PlayStation 4!

We are now about to start the review.. It is a pick your own path and this time.. It is a bit special! I am actually going to make a profesional-ish looking review.. If you do not care to read that.. Just go to the bottom with the bold… Start reading from that point.. Break my heart you bastard.. Break my heart. If you just want the final opinion.. Just go buy the fucking game… Or all the way at the bottom..  Enjoy? RIP Dots…


Farming Simulator 15_20150519151914

If there was ever a game that truly deserves to have the word “simulator” in its title, Farming Simulator 15 is that game.  Like you might have guessed, the object of Farming Simulator 15 is to manage and expand your very own farming empire. Although the main farming aspect of the game has remained basically the same, this installment also offers some newly enhanced graphics and visual effects as well as a few new features which I’ll explain later in this review.  As in previous versions of this series, you will start out the game with a few fields and a basic assortment of equipment and funds with which you will use to till, sow, harvest, and sell your crops. Upon starting your career, you will have a choice of two towns. One town that is very European and another that is very American. After you choise you’ll go through a short tutorial about how to use the equipment and also learn a little about some of the more advanced activities you can engage in farther on in the game.

Farming Simulator 15_20150524224233


True to real life, the early stages of your budding farm will require a lot of work and time. The cheap tractors and harvester you are given at the beginning are so slow that your small starter fields will seem huge as you work them, but this experience will (hopefully) motivate you even more to run your farm as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, this task has been made much easier by the well designed statistics menus that will tell you about your inventory, profits and expenses, status of your growing crops, as well as the current market values for all the crops and products that you can produce on your farm. Once you’ve gotten some harvests under your belt and some extra cash in your account the game really starts to open up. Not only can you now afford some more powerful and much needed equipment and bigger fields, now you can also finally start to really dabble in some the new features in the farming simulator series such as animal husbandry and logging. You can now raise your own chickens, sheep, and cattle and sell the products they produce as an alternative way to earn money. On a side note, although I enjoyed working with all of these animals, I was very disappointed that you couldn’t raise a herd of screaming goats as well. You can even buy income generating items such as beehives, greenhouses, and wind turbines that you can place on your farm as an easy way to earn extra money. As for the logging, it’s a welcome addition to the game as it adds some much needed variety into the largely unchanged series. You’ll be able to plant, cut down, and sell several different types of trees with all new equipment ranging from a simple chainsaw all the way up to a huge fleet of logging trucks and trailers. Keep in mind, however, if you’re going to attempt any sort of large-scale logging be prepared to spend quite some time in the fields first as logging equipment in the store is rather pricey. As always, there is a huge assortment of vehicles and implements available for you to buy in the store, and for those of you who would enjoy an even more authentic farming experience  you’ll be happy to have the option of driving your tractors, harvesters, and trucks in a very detailed first-person point of view.

Farming Simulator 15_20150519164348


All in all, I’d have to say that from cultivating your crops in real brand name tractors to throwing hay out for your cows to cutting down trees one by one with a chainsaw, Farming Simulator 15 is a solid game that has stayed true to its roots (haha) while also adding some new features and enhanced aesthetics that anyone who likes farming games and/or simulators is sure to enjoy.



And that was the profesional-ish looking review..  Look it had spoilers of what I thought about it… You bastards said I couldn’t do it..  Fuck.. I didn’t talk about the multi-player.. To be honest.. I have not tried out the multi-player yet.. I would most likely sabotage them.. Anyways… You are in for a treat.. Because I have more shit to talk about.. Because I did rent the PS3 and Xbox One version also.. It wont take long and it wont look profesional-ish.. I like using that word..  Here we go! Welcome Back Lots of Dots….




So I pop the Xbox One version in and mostly it is exactly the same as the PS4 release. It does load a bit slower it seems. From just loading up the farm to in game shadows/textures taking a few seconds to pop up. See that beautiful screen shot.. Yep that is from the Xbone version… Now check out this bootleg phone camera shot for the PS3 version!


IMG_2652 - Copy

My readers only get the best… The PlayStation 3 version is not that bad actually.  Graphics are a little step down from the PS4/XB1 release and also the multi-player is no where to be found in it. But overall this is very playable for folks that want to save a few dollars or do not have a fancy new console.


The Final Opinion Part of the Review!

Farming Simulator might be a joke to some but.. To some people this is a very serious series that brings enjoyment to them. Like I said to someone awhile back.. Farming Simulator is like Harvest Moon without all fucking walls of text.. Fuck You Harvest Moon.. Seriously those games never shut the fuck up.. I just want to farm and have cows but no.. Wall of fucking Text..

Lets restart, Farming Simulator is a very enjoyable simulator. Graphics are on par of what you expect from previous entries into the series. The addition of tree harvesting is a nice touch.  You have two different maps/towns to pick with that has tons of lots for you to use and to keep you busy. Overall I enjoy this series and can’t wait to see how 16 will turn out to be.  So if you want to farm without a wall of text on a console.. Check it out..



Farming Simulator is out NOW! On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $49.99. It is also available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $39.99

Farming Simulator 15 was made by GIANTS Software GmbH and Published by Focus Home Interactive.


DISCLAIMER! The Nice people at Evolve PR was nice enough to provide me a review code for the PS4. Nice of them.





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