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Twas the Day Before XMas, I Posted something about Superbeat: Xonic for the Switch?

Its Christmas Eve and I decided to give a gift to the world… A new review… of a game that has been released a few times before..  Superbeat Xonic for the Switch. To save you time, I liked it… Want to read more about the trip about where I have been for almost two years and how some weird things showed me Three different Christmas stories.. Well fuck.. Just keep reading then.. Read the rest of this entry

Goat Simulator on the PS4.. THE HALF ASS REVIEW!


You know what time it is.. Its friday? Time for another Half Ass Review! Today special guest is a special goat… GOAT SIMULATOR for the PS4! Are you ready to read your fucking mind out? Read the rest of this entry

Abyss Odyssey Extended Dream Edition – about a week ago play


Hey look.. Something new for the site! Here is the plan.  I blind play a game and then almost a week later I write up something about it.. No notes.. No going back for a refresh… Just the little bit of screenshots I got from plaything the game and what I remember. Trust me.. You don’t know how bad it’s going to get. If you think shit sucks now, You ain’t seen nothing yet. Lets do this! Read the rest of this entry

PSA! Incoming! NEPTUNIA U!


So many of you know.. might not know..  Last year Neptune U released on the Vita in Japan. Well in less then two weeks it will release here in the States and then in the EU Region. You didn’t? You have no clue about this game? Well here is your PSA! Well.. First some opinion stuff.. then PSA stuff.. Go to bold if you just want the PSA Stuff.. Read the rest of this entry

What All New Games I played in April.. With my opinons?


You ever wonder.. ” I wonder what all Dezkly has played this month?” No… You shouldn’t.. Why would you.. But here you go.. This is what all new games I played/checked out on the PlayStation gaming devices for the month of April… 50 or so.. This is going to take forever.. Read the rest of this entry

Goat Simulator… THE REVIEW… For XBOX ONE! Hail To The Goat!

Bootleg Pictures.. Only the best for my readers!

Bootleg Pictures.. Only the best for my readers!


I heard you like “goats”…. you want to simulate one??? Are you are a console punk? Well it is your lucky day punk.. Goat Simulator is coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360…. I recently sat down and played the Xbox One version.. So come inside.. Read.. Read… Shoot for the moon.. Because where we are going.. You will bow down to the Goat… Read the rest of this entry

Twirl! on The PlayStation Vita! The Review!


A long time back I said I would be stepping out of the video game review.. game.. But after much consideration and a almost review last December. I am back on a special occasion and if this works out… I might be back for a bit more.. So lets go


Are you ready for the Review of a UK import… “Twirl” On the PlayStation Vita? Wait.. You never heard of this? Well.. Get Ready!

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Something is coming! Not that you pervert! Santa is Watching.. He likes it nice..


Christmas time is once again and I am back like that one guy that shows up once a year.. Mom? Read the rest of this entry

That time I talked about Persona 4 Arena Ultimax before It Came Out?


Welcome to the Velvet Room… Pick a Card.. Any Card… NOT THAT ONE! …You must die I alone am best!

Back from a Month Hiatus you say? Where did you go? Not me.. You.. Person Reading..  Are you ready to read and see pictures of a certain game? Continue?

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Lets talk with Yosp.. Part Two.. Revenge of the Vita?


It is that time again, I recently sat down on a computer and typed this Conversation* out? Will you enjoy it.. I don’t know.. But here is Part Two of the One on One Interview with that guy from Sony.. Shuhei Yoshida! Read the rest of this entry