What All New Games I played in April.. With my opinons?


You ever wonder.. ” I wonder what all Dezkly has played this month?” No… You shouldn’t.. Why would you.. But here you go.. This is what all new games I played/checked out on the PlayStation gaming devices for the month of April… 50 or so.. This is going to take forever..


L36f8abMLB The Show 15 on the PS3/Vita/PS4 – The PS3 and Vita version is more or less the same as last year. The PS4 version is improved a bit graphically. Sadly I own the vita release… It was only $20… I shouldn’t of bought it.


Valiant L36f8abHearts on the PS4 – That award winning adventure/puzzler that I some how have not finished. I liked the art style and the history but  I have heard what happens in it.. Some day I will finish it.. Some day..


L36f8ab Never Alone on the PS4 – Another really interesting and pretty game that I have not finished. Looks like it would be best to play in co-op also.. It looks like it can be beaten in one sitting but it might be a emotional ride like Valiant Hearts.


L36f8abRun Sackboy Run on the Vita – I actually put some time in this on IOS before launch. All you do is run.. you jump.. you run.. See how far you can go. Buy costumes that increase your multiplier. It is alright but you will only be playing this F2P release for a bit before you kick it to the curve.


L36f8abJusty×Nasty-~魔王はじめました~ on the Vita – A game that will never get a English release on the vita because you can not handle it.. It has semi naked girls and stuff.. Its a novel game.. What more can I say.. Its alright and the trophies were a bit easy to get..


L36f8abFriend to Lover ~フレラバ~   on the Vita – Another Japanese Release… Novel… Semi Naked girls.. You wont care about and I really didn’t care much about this one either.. I didn’t even care to play it for that long before I shot the cart out..


L36f8ab新装版お菓子な島のピーターパン~Sweet Never Land~ on the Vita – Alright this in the Japanese version of Peter Pan in Girl wants to hook up with the characters.. In this novel game… This game is long as hell.. Story goes on and on and on.. Wall of text after Text..


L36f8ab大戦略 大東亜興亡史3トロフィーセット on the Vita – This is a game i really regret buying. It is a World War II strategy simulator. You can play as the Japanese, Americans and Germans. You set troops, planes, ships, tanks and other devices to win..  But the game is overly complicated and you will most likely drop it quickly.


L36f8ab戦極姫5~戦禍断つ覇王の系譜~ on the PS4 – Another game is Regret because I have played a few of the previous releases. You have these girls taking over land in this strategy simulator. They are just not that fun to me..


L36f8abSword Art Online  Lost Song on the PS3/Vita –  I played this for a bit, Seemed alright. Maps are nice sized and you can kinda fly/glyde to where you need to go now. If you liked the last game.. you will like this one also.


L36f8ab影牢 ~もう1人のプリンセス~ on the PS3/Vita/PS4 – This is the rerelease of Deception IV.. All they did was add a few new chapters and you can now have a kick command set up in one of your slots. Graphics are the same.. Just a cash grab..


L36f8ab魔界戦記ディスガイア5 on the PS4 – This is Disgaea 5. I only bought it because it would help out NIS. It is the nicest looking Disgaea game to be released so far.. Also I believe it could run on the PS3 if they wanted it to. But more or less it is just like the last few. So if you liked them.. You will like this one.. For me.. I am burnt out..


L36f8abSENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS on the PS4/Vita. I loved this game! Both releases is the same game but you really will want to own both. The ps4 verion has more enimes for better combos. The vita version is just more of a convenience to play on.  The game supports cross play so you can just send the save back and forth and keep playing. My only complaint is the story mode is way shorter this time then in the last release. But I highly recommend it!

L36f8abワンピース 海賊無双3 on the PS3/Vita/PS4. One piece is back in this Dynasty Warriors clone. Graphics are about the same as the last release. Everything is about the same really.. If you are a fan.. Check it out.. If you like DW games.. Check it out.. It is fun..


L36f8abToukiden: Kiwami on the PS4/Vita. Another rerelease with a few tweaks. I am sadly getting kinda tired of all of this.. Why not patch the original game or make it DLC. Not a full blown $40 to $60 release.. At least it looks nice..


L36f8abAaru’s Awakening on the PS3/PS4. I instantly got turned off by the controls. I just dont know.. It looked ok but for you to race across the screen to see what time you get and have weird controls.. Nope


L36f8abMonsterbag on the Vita. This is a Gem, a precious gem. From first glance you think it is some simple kids game.. Well it can be simple at first but it is not a kids game. This stealth puzzler with a violent at times flare is truly something to show off on the vita. I really enjoyed it


L36f8abRogue Legacy on the Vita/PS3/PS4. This was the Japanese release of Pain. Game is painfully addictive. You will die.. You will die alot and then you will get mad and delete the game.. Then redownload it.. repeat over and over..


L36f8abTower of Guns on the PS4/PS3. A randomly generated FPS.. Cool in concept but was not for me. I felt like sometimes I would get generated into a stage that was just designed for instant death or no escape at all..


L36f8ab Dark Souls II on the PS4. Alright I have never been a fan of these games.. I know and understand that people like them but they are just not for me.. I try them and quit out in 30 minutes or a hour. That is what happened here..


L36f8abThe Awakened Fate Ultimatum on the PS3. A sequel that is a bit different from the first release but I still just didn’t care about. Yes you can explore dungeons with your little character.. I just don’t care about this series.


L36f8abRESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 on the PS3/PS4. Hey look a decent priced Resident Evil game! You will love it or hate it.. Or not care at all. The first hour or so I played did have a lot of atmosphere.. That is something right.


L36f8ab戦国無双4-Ⅱon the PS3/Vita/PS4. Its one of those Samurai Warrior games.. that is rereleased with a few tweaks.. This is all this company does.. What the fuck is going on people.. Really..


L36f8ab百花繚乱エリクシル~Record of Torenia Revival~ on the Vita. Japanese Novel game that you wont care about until it comes out to the states and then be all down for because you are like that.. Or are you?


L36f8abXBLAZE LOST : MEMORIES on the Vita/PS3. I will be honest.. I was a bit disappointed with this one and it seems most that have played it was also. This was a Novel game but they went back and added this weird little unlocking memories part. You run around a map and unlock memories.. then you see new stuff that wasn’t in the first game.. then you do a quiz… and you dont select paths.. Its just weird..

L36f8abNorn9 Last Era on the Vita. Another novel game.. I sure do play a bunch of these on the vita.. You do not care.. just keep going down. Play one.. you played them all..


L36f8ab地球防衛軍4.1 THE SHADOW OF NEW DESPAIR on the PS4. A EDF that doesn’t lag.. It is a miracle. Shame it is the same old release that has been on the ps3/vita already but still.. They did do some changes for this next gen release and it is pretty great.


L36f8abWe are Doomed on the PS4. You like geometry wars? Yes.. You like to have a seizure because of a weird color scheme? Yes.. This is the game for you!. I can only play this for 10 minutes before I start to feel sick… that is about it..


L36f8abBloxiq on the Vita. A cube puzzler that I have not got far in yet. One day I will go back to this.. One Day..



L36f8abProject Root on fhe Vita/PS4. A Free roam SHMUP. I felt like it was a bit disjointing. Going to a part of the map and killing wave after wave of respawing enemies while trying to do a timed objective.. Might be a turn off..


L36f8abElement4L on the vita. Cool concept but suffers from control response.. This created frustration.. This makes me turn off game in rage. Maybe this will come out to the ps3/ps4.. I am willing to give it another shot.


L36f8abTeslagrad on the PS4/vita/PS3. At first I thought this game was really cool. A 2D physics adventure puzzler.. I kept playing and stumbled on a boss fight. I was never seen playing this again in April.


L36f8abStealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones on PS3/Vita/PS4. Those little clones are back. You start of escaping from the faculty.. Well if you can. If you liked the first game you might like this one.


L36f8abBladeStorm Nightmare for PS3/PS4. Oh look that same company is rereleasing another game with a few new bells and whistles.. what the hell man.. What the hell..


L36f8abMortal Kombat X for the PS4. First off.. What the Fuck Man.. Why do you put characters that have been in the series forever.. In the story mode.. that you see and fight.. but not playable.. This is what happens when WB wants more money.. At least it looked nice and had a bunch of other stuff to do. The crypt is badass though.. and will scare the hell out of you.


L36f8abDragon Quest Heroes on the PS3. Its great.. Looked as good as the PS4 version. I highly suggest picking it up when it hits the West this year.


L36f8abTokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters on the PS3. I have tried this game out so many times.. The artwork is beautiful but the in-game.. game is just not my thing. I get that they wanted to try something new but if you cant explain it to people.. You will have problems..


L36f8abRBI Baseball 2015 on the PS4.  Well they improved the graphics a little from last year but you are better off just getting the show from last year then this..


L36f8abMXGP on the PS4. You are on bikes.. and you dont do tricks.. I do not give a fuck.. But if you like dirt racing on bikes.. You might like it..


L36f8abG4U on the PS3. This is not a game.. You take pictures of Idols and you get trophies. That is about all really.. You can get all the trophies in about 10 minutes.. Never to play again.. Unless you want to stick around and dress girls and take pictures.


L36f8abClock Zero on the Vita. Novel game.. Japanese.. Blah Blah Blah.. You dont give a fuck.. Because it is not in English. Seems to have a lot of content and is nothing special.


L36f8ab新装版クリムゾン・エンパイア on the vita. Otome Novel release. So yes it has some pictures of guys kissing guys.. I bet you are into that.. No judge.. No Judge.. I just fast forward it though..


L36f8abさよなら海腹川背ちらり on the vita. Oh look.. Its that game people said they loved on the 3ds.. So it got ported over.. really.. They didn’t clean up anything.. The original game that is included looks better then the new version. But you have a hook and a girl.. $20….


L36f8abBLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA EXTEND for PS3/Vita/PS4. So they added a few new things and balances. The big difference is PS4 release.. Since it is the first on the system. Its alright but the people online will destroy you.. So prepare first. Graphics seem a little more crisp on the PS4 also..


L36f8ab学園ヘヴン2~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~ on the Vita. Its a boy love novel game.. Really.. You seduce guys.. They sure do release a bunch of these in Japan for girls to play.. I just play everything.. Everything..


L36f8ab新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌVII on the PS4. The latest Neptune/Neptunia release. Here is the thing about this game.. It is set up a bit different then the others. It has a newish map system, everything else is about the same. Now where it gets weird.. It makes itself as multiple games. You get done with one part and you get a ending and a new menu for a new game.. What.. then you get to pick one of the 4 main characters to continue.. and it looks like they might have different stories. I am still on the fence… I am just burnt out to be honest.

L36f8abMedieval Defenders on the Vita. Hey look it is just the same game with new paint. Fun little tower defense game but acts more like it should be F2P with all the micro transactions it has.


L36f8abOmega Quintet on the PS4. I actually owned the Japanese release of this game and never could get into it. I put about 5 or 6 hours into the English release.. About the same.. I know some people love it but I just cant get into it.. I think I am so burnt out of games like neptune that I just cant get into them. The game does have alot more to it then Neptunia but running around a map and doing random battles.. Its just hard for me right now.

L36f8abTropico 5 on the PS4. I just got this on the last day of the month, So I havent had a chance to play much but I will be keeping this game. You build and dictate a City/Island.. what not to like. My only complaint is small text.. But it is common when it comes to these type of games on consoles.


L36f8abSpeakEasy on the PS4. I have had this game for awhile.. It was on sale one week for cheap.. I downloaded it and forgot about it.. This game is offline multiplayer only and that is what hurts it.  You punch, block or fake.. That is all you do in this fighter.. Most modes only let you do it once in a battle.. Who can hit first wins.. It was ok but nothing that great..


And that is everything.. and if i misspelled anything..! I am not going back to check shit.. Almost hit 2500 words.


For the Month of May, I will have maybe a new full review and maybe another post.. Until then..










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