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What All New Games I played in April.. With my opinons?


You ever wonder.. ” I wonder what all Dezkly has played this month?” No… You shouldn’t.. Why would you.. But here you go.. This is what all new games I played/checked out on the PlayStation gaming devices for the month of April… 50 or so.. This is going to take forever.. Read the rest of this entry

Mini Reviews! – March 10th to March 30th!

Picture Goes Here?

Are you ready to read? You are on the internet. No fancy video here.. Just a list of what I think about what new games I have played lately.. It has Magus in it…

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Just Dance Beyond Disgaea… October 8th Games!


We got Games this week? But are they worth the play.. Maybe.. Just Maybe..

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Hot Wheels is NOT… The GOTY.. Short Play


I played Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver for 45 minutes.. What Did I think about it?

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Its that Time of the week again… September 17th


Don’t you love Tuesday… No… They can go to hell? This week I play some new games that you never heard of…

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To get in the Killzone while Playing Hockey with a Puppet? Mini Reviews!!


Recently I played Killzone Mercenaries, NHL 14 and The Puppeteer… What did I think about all these shenanigans?

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