Just Dance Beyond Disgaea… October 8th Games!


We got Games this week? But are they worth the play.. Maybe.. Just Maybe..


Its my weekly.. Well havent in a few weeks.. Talk about what new crappy games I played this week and if you should play them? Lets go on an Adventure!



Disgaea D2 – PlayStation 3 – Rented From the Gamefly?A Sequel/Prequel in the Disgaea series… Everything you love from this series is back.. a bit of improved graphics and long game play.. But should you play it? Well If you like Disgaea… Yes… if you have no clue about Disgaea.. You might just want to rent it.. and if you Hate Disgaea.. Then you hate Disgaea!


810xC++i8QL._SL1500_Just Dance 2014 – Playstation 3 – Rented from the Gamefly!
Surprise Surprise! Another Year.. another Just Dance.. Ubisoft money maker that will most likely die out in a few years.. To be honest.. I played this a bit more then I thought I would of. I actually clocked in 3 or so hours.. Sweat and World Dance mode are the addictive part of this game.. load up and keep playing. World Dance mode has you playing with others online.. Betting what character will win and who will out star the other. Should you play it? If you like dancing games.. Check it out.. The sound track is a bit weird and the menu layout is lazy.. but you can get your money worth.



Beyond Two Souls – PlayStation 3 – I bought it! The latest game from QuanticDream… You know about them.. Well you should.. Most Reviewers have been a bit flipflop with this game. Some praise it while others say it is not a game. Screw Them! This is a game, you have inputs, you have story!  From what hours I have put into it.. I do not regret paying full price for it.. The motion capture is great… Acting is great so far for most parts..

It just blows my mind that Reviewers could take marks off because they say it is more story then game. Some same reviewers praised The Walking Dead… another great game that is more Story involved and more pick your path adventure. Should you play beyond? Yes.. yes you should.. Defiantly if you are a fan of this type of genre that is rarely released.


And that is all folks!  Highschool of the Dead Pachislot Saturday! Ok you can stop reading now..


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