Playing Poker With Knights In Africa… What I played? Oct 18th


That time of the week when i say some games suck… And this week.. We have a Winner!


Cabela’s African Adventures – PS3 – Rented from the Almighty Gamefly!
  Every year Activision likes to release 2-3 Cabela games in the same month.. But this year.. This is all we got.. Not big game.. not dangerous hunts.. we get African Adventures. AA isn’t like it use to be.. No it is a open map.. Drive to a point and let animals attack you type game now.  It is more Dangerous Hunts but in 3rd person then anything else.. I played this game for maybe 2 hours.. I got bored and checked out the Gallery mode. SURPRISE SURPRISE! They actually copy and pasted the gallery mode from last years release into this one.. No joke.. If you like these type of games.. Give it a try.. if you don’t.. set it on fire..


Valhalla Knights 3 – Playstation Vita – Rented from the Almighty Gamefly!
True Story, I owned the Japanese release.. It was horrible.. It looked like a first release PSP game. It was choppy.. It was sloppy.. and it went down the toilet quick. So i decided to rent the English release that just came out this week.. and it was the exact same.. Your a prisoner.. but its a RPG.. The ugliness and disappointment will hit you quick.. and you really will just give up on it… Seriously this should of been some sort of $10 digital only release for the PSP..

First off, I usually do not talk about free games on plus… I talk about new releases each week.. This has been out for awhile but.. I must talk about this game..


Poker Night 2 – PSN – Free PS+ Release!

I have been really shocked on how much I really like this game.. Its poker… Texas Holdem and Omaha but it is addictive and fun. The banter between characters is great and give you a real challenge at times.. I did find that it lags at time.. Specially when you are online and it is saving.  If you play offline the game runs a bit smoother though.. If you have plus.. Check it out.. It is free!

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