Hot Wheels is NOT… The GOTY.. Short Play


I played Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver for 45 minutes.. What Did I think about it?

Warning.. I wouldn’t say this is a review.. more of a.. What went down..

If you have been reading on here the past few days, I have talked a bit about this game.. It looked fun.. I was excited.. I heard it was from the same people that made Need For Speed The Run… So I rented it from Gamefly, Waited two days and received it today.

So I get the disc in, I am excited.. I pop out my GTAV and put in the Hot Wheels.. It boots and I see its being Published by Warner Brothers and Developed by Firebrand games. I take a moment to go visit Firebrand games and to my shock.. Nothing is what it seems

See.. It is true that they made NFS The Run.. But for the Wii and DS.. Yes.. They made the Wii and DS releases of the game.. I wasnt going to hold this against them.. It looks like they like to make racers.. Almost all for the DS.. They take games like NFS,Dirt and Trackmania and make DS releases..

Again.. I wasn’t going to hold it against them.. but then I seen what Games they have put out for the 360/PS3… A dark cloud started to slowly develop over the lands.

Firebrand has developed only 3 games besides Hot Wheels for home consoles… The first was released in 2011.. It was Nascar Unleashed.. I have played this game.. It wasnt that bad.. It was a sold racer. The 2nd was the Wii release for NFS The Run.. Everything seems ok, But it turns dark quickly.

The 3rd game was released this year.. It is a gem.. a gem that looks like it was made 15 years ago.. It was Fast & Furious Showdown…  Yes that game..


At this point… I just did not care.. All excitement was gone.. I hit the start button and it was exactly what I thought it would be… Disappointment. You start off picking your team color. Red,Blue,Green and Yellow… Each team has its own event styles. I started off with Red… You pick a car that is kinda pointless and you show up on another screen.

You are in a Open area that you can drive around in.. Select another team.. play missions.. and other junk.. Really.. They could of made this a normal menu.. I start my mission/challenge.. Since I am red.. I do a point trick even.. With a snowmobile..

So I am doing tricks with a snowmobile on half pipes… Just turning and flipping… and that is about it.. you can hit Triangle to do tricks.. but It did nothing!

I completed it and did a few more events.. all about the same..You can race up a wall….All are trick involved basically.. All forgettable.. I switched teams..

Each Team has said earlier.. Has its own style.. One is just big vehicles.. You drive up hill… One is tech.. You can do drag racing with parachutes,,, and one is just racing..

Its standard stuff really and nothing sticks out..  Its a challenge game.. No story.. No events.. you complete this.. you hit the gold,silver or bronze and you unlock that.. nothing more.. nothing less..


It has bikes, it has hot rods.. it has big trucks.. It has snowmobiles.. It has your basic hot wheels.. It has a few hot wheels tracks but this game could of been more.

Controls are alright at times.. but broken at others.. who ever thought of putting up a instant restart by hitting select.. Is evil.. Not a off track reset.. Reset the event without question..

Graphics are a little better then F&F but not much.. Those screen shots on the net.. No way came from the console release.. Or at least the PS3.. its ruff…

After 45 minutes of playing.. I just turned it off.. and put it back into what it came from..

I hope you seriously didn’t think I was serious about this being GOTY…

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