Its that Time of the week again… September 17th


Don’t you love Tuesday… No… They can go to hell? This week I play some new games that you never heard of…


Oh Yeah! That GOTY I talked about Yesterday! Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver on the PS3… It has bikes.. It has monster trucks.. It has orange tracks.. It will be fun.. and I did talk about it a lot yesterday.. I even posted pretty pictures for you.. Wasn’t that nice.. and  it was Supplied by Gamefly!


The Wonderful 101 – Wii U… The first platinum exclusive on the WiiU.. We all love platinum.. The Demo was awesome and made me actually use my WiiU for the first time in Months.. Now i need to charge up my controller.. Still strange that it does not use much touch… Strange I say! Supplied by Gamefly!


Grand Theft Auto V – Ps3…. This is that game that people on twitter have been talking about… No not GATV! Im sure it will be a hit and sell millions of copies and then later on be found at a million stores for cheap prices because everyone owned it at one time… Purchased from Amazon….

And that is that? What new release are you playing this week?

About Dezkly ZQuestion

A Gamer that plays all the PS3/Vita/PS4 Retail Releases.. and more? Over 4200 games played.. and counting?

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