Are you Ready For Some FootBall!… It’s Soccer Week…


It is that time of the year.. When a few football games come out.. I know what your thinking.. “But Madden/NCAA already came out this year?”… It’s a American thing…

This week is a big release week for some people.. Well most gamers around the world. You see Football is a major sport all around the world.. It is played in most countries.. But it is not the American Football you are thinking about. The type of Football I am talking about is nick named Soccer here in the states and a few other places.

Because of its demand we usual get two releases each year,, To continue the tradition.. This week we get FIFA 14 from EA Sports and PES 2014 from Konami!


FIFA 14 is coming out for the PS3/360/Vita/PC and then Later on for the Xbox One and PS4. Do you notice something missing.. Yep no WiiU/Wii release and the 3ds release is Download Only.. But I am sure if you have Fifa 13… or 12.. It is going to be about the same game.. Just a new updated roster…


PES 2014.. AKA Winning Eleven 2014 for the Asian releases.. Is coming out for the PS3 and 360.. This is also the first year they have decided to not release a PS2 version… RIP PS2…  Konami kept the PS2 alive as long as they could… They really should get some reward for this..

Lets get back to the basics…. Both games are about the same.. Well at least to me..  Both have a large fan base, Both do about the same thing each release. It is usually a new mode, updated graphics and updated roster.  These games sell like hotcakes each year.

Why the Football Fever, Well you have to ask a true fan.  Someone who can appreciate the game and the video game..

As for me, I will be checking out Fifa14 for PS3/Vita and PES 2014 this Wednesday.. Will I enjoy them.. Maybe for a bit.. but I really have not had much luck getting into soccer..

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A Gamer that plays all the PS3/Vita/PS4 Retail Releases.. and more? Over 4200 games played.. and counting?

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