Mini Reviews! – March 10th to March 30th!

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Are you ready to read? You are on the internet. No fancy video here.. Just a list of what I think about what new games I have played lately.. It has Magus in it…


You know the drill by now. I list up what i have played, What console and a few lines about it.. and if you should buy it, rent it or give it to a pack of old people.


Playstation Home – for the PS3 – It is free… It is old.. and it now has trophies.. Still a bunch of people actually still get on and has a ton of stuff to explore.  This was my 1666 trophy supported game.. You did it Sony.. You did it…

Oborosenryobako – for the Vita –  Japanese but did later come out in English… Stack-able release.. Its Japanese but I know how you people are.. You do not  care.. You wont even search for what this game is in English.. Excellent game though

Magus – for the PS3 – Sweet lord this game is a time machine.. If you were ever into gaming on the PC in the 90’s.. This game is magic. It is so basic and straight to the point. You are Magus and you can be good or evil and it doesn’t effect a damn thing. A RPG/Hack in Slash on a map.. You can complete this game in around 4-5 hours.  I say check it out for the time machine effect.

Lone Survivor – for the PS3/Vita –  A 8 bit horror game that sadly.. I have not played much of.. It was free via PLUS.. but just haven’t got into yet.. If you have plus.. download it.. it is free..

Dark Souls II – for the PS3 – I will be honest, I can not get into any of these games.. I have had multiple releases of Demon Souls and I played the first Dark Souls for a bit.. Not a game for me.. but I see the value in these and why people love them. So if your into it.. you already own it..

Atelier Escha and Logy – for the PS3 – Another Atelier release, A series for the fans! You craft, you collect up your stamps by finishing quest, you fight monsters and you have a good time doing all of this. But this time you can be a boy or a girl! So in a way the game has you covered with a bit of a different story line if you want to go for a 2nd time.  I had fun with what all time I had with it and suggest it.. No I did not get a review code.. Gamefly

The Wolf Among US – For the PS3 – Alright I finally played the first episode of this game and I have to admit.. It was alright.. I Like the style of the game and how brutal it can be but something feels missing. Thats my story and I am sticking to it..

Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Collection – for the PS3 –  Haven’t really started these up yet..  Yep.. that’s great..

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes – for the PS3 and PS4 – Fun Fact, I rented the PS3 release from Gamefly but bought the PS4 release. Also another fun fact.. I’m not fond of Stealth.. So I play these like a maniac.. The wrong way and try to shoot anything that moves.  The game is just one big map and your mission is really just two things.. Get these two people out.. and then the game is done.. Yep that is  it.. Some other stuff unlocks once you get that done but I still say this should of been a digital only $10 release and you know this will be free when the Phantom Pain drops.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z – for the PS3 – Alright the marketing for this is just horrible.. They wanted people to know this isn’t a Ninja Gaiden game.. then why did you put it in the fucking name?  The game it self isn’t that bad. It is mindless and short. The camera is wanky and they could of thrown in a few more boss fights. Really only two chapters of the game has real boss fights.. not these ” Look its a boss fight.. not really because you fight this stuff like normal stuff over again”. I can see why some people hated it it.. I say at-least rent it.. make your own damn mind up.  I rented it.. you can also..

Heavy Fire Afghanistan – for the PS3 – Fun fact this was the Japanese release. Rare and usually goes for around $80. Well I got it for free.. Thanks to the almighty Japanese plus. Really no one should pay $20 for this game.. On the rails shooter that is just horrible.. and it did not hold up that great.. but it was free..

Infamous Second Son – For the PS4 – The much hyped Infamous game.. And It lives up to it. Now it is a bit different then the past games.. Trust me I got pissed off when I seen the train lines and couldn’t electric skate on them. Still a solid game and is truly beautiful. I wish you could some how have all powers at once instead of whatever you drained at that time.. I would like to climb the space needle… But still a nice game.. I bought it.. you can also!

SuperFrog – for the PS3/Vita – I bought this when it was on sale, Platformer that is just alright.. It isn’t bad but it isn’t the best game ever.. that’s about it..

Atomic Ninjas – for the PS3 – Another game i got on sale. Multiplayer only Ninja game.. yep.. that is about it..

Real Boxing – for the Vita – You guessed it.. Picked this up on sale. Solid boxing game for the vita.. About the only boxing game on the vita. Looks great and plays great.. Check it out?

Sengoku Musou 4 – for the Vita – Its one of those Japanese warriors games.. That come out every 5 months. It isn’t that bad though and the graphics are a bit better then that last release. If your into these games you will go ahead and buy this..

Neptune Rebirth 2 – for the Vita – Japanese import, I liked the first rebirth.. I am sure I will like this one once I actually get more time for it..

Sonico – for the PS3 – Japanese game that kinda disappointed me. You see when I first seen some stuff about this game way back last year.. I kinda had the impression that this had music mini games.. but you don’t.. You dress this chubby anime lady and take pictures of her.. and that is about it..  At-least it came with a full size body pillow for creepiness..

The Witch and the Hundred Knights – For the PS3 –  I am going to be honest with you.. the blur in this game gave me a headache.. I played this once.. got to the first chapter and turned it off.. Will I play this again? Maybe but that blur..  I do own this.. No review code.. Just a $20 preorder copy from Amazon.. So maybe some day.. I will play more..

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts – for the PS3 –  We all like to hunt and they decided to go back to the open maps of America. Its just you.. out in the woods.. shooting at stuff.. It is not linear at all.. Hunt what you want.. If you can find it..  Yes.. I own this game..

Destiny of Spirits – for the Vita – This game is crack until you run out of health with all your creatures and don’t want to buy anything to heal them quickly.. But they recharge.. and your back for more.. It is free.. so you should just download it.

J-Stars VS – for the Vita – Japanese release with all your favorite Shonen Jump characters.. Impressive roster and a pretty decent story mode where you go on your ship and fight shit. The fighting its a bit plain though.. but it is solid and I don’t see this ever coming to the states.  The online is a blood bath..

Crysis for the PS3 – Another sale game. Haven’t played much, looks decent.. I could see them taking all 3 games and putting them on the next gen consoles though.

Project Diva F 2nd for the Vita – Alright they did just announce that this is coming over for the states.. but screw that.. Import away. You can always play it again once it comes out.. This is your rhythm savior.. Do It..

5 Japanese Vita release that you wont care about because you most likely don’t care about reading.. Even though you just read this..

Deception IV – for the Vita – American release! And i haven’t run into that save problem like the Japanese. Seems fine.. No Dub… Just subs.. I rented it from gamefly but I would suggest getting a copy for the violence.

Dynasty Warriors 8 XL for the PS4 and Vita – Alright here we go! We all know how I hated the Japanese release on the PS4. It was muddy and blurry.. A port of a port of a port.. Well I played the American PS4 release and it was a bit better but still.. Shoddy.. I say Skip the ps4 release. Yes your Character looks like a plastic figure but the background blurriness is just horrible.. Its like the textures never load.. and forking over $60 for this is just wrong.

Now the vita release.. You can tell it is a port. Shadows are horrible but it seems to run fine and the blurriness isn’t that bad on it.  Slow downs are not that bad either and for only $40 it seems to be the way to go.

I would just suggest the PS3 release but it is only the XL stuff.. None of the 8 stuff is in it so the vita release seems to be the best price for content.


And that it is.. Look at all those mini reviews.. Will I be back with a full review soon.. Maybe.. Just maybe… ????



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