Sometimes.. I just gotta believe.. The PaRappa That never came?


Alright it is April 1st, that time of the year of April Fools articles and news reports. The best time for me to talk about this.. The Parappa the Rapper game that never came.. Is it real or just a April Fools joke? You believe what you want?

If your into gaming.. you have heard of the Almighty PaRappa! Release back in the 90’s on the PlayStation.  A first of its kind rhythm game that was also a cult hit.. It spawned a spin off and a ps2 sequel.. But vanished from the gaming scene… Now the original game did get ported to the PSP and this brought a few slivers of hope of a new game.. but nothing Until he showed up for PlayStation All Star Battle Royale.. a fighting game

Around 2010 or so.. I heard a rumor.. Someone was making a new PaRappa game but this one was going to be a bit different. It had all your characters and rhythm action but… this was the big difference and it sounded pretty damn awesome.. It had a mode like Singstar.. Yes you could actually rap in this PaRappa game with a mic. They called it “PaRappa The World Rappa”.

Supposedly it had a story line of  Team PaRappa to save the world and the online part would work on saving the universe by getting enough stars. It worked just like Singstar. You could play the in game songs or purchase DLC songs. You could play them the original way or with a mic.

Another interesting thing was the “Rappa Makea Mode”. You could actually make beats and make a rap song from a pre-recorded word list.

Now I don’t know how far they got with this.. Since nothing ever came.. This could of all been concept. But they should of made this.. Maybe it was a victim of the fall of music games… We may never know..

Hell I am still waiting for that PaRappa HD collection I heard about Last year..  Sony better not have canceled that…

So is this a April Fools Story? Or Real? Take it whatever way you want.. But at least you can print out and make that papercraft that I found on the net..Nice…


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