Dezkly ZQuestion Interviews Boogie2988?


If you have been following on twitter or just looking at this site.. I usually talk about games.. Well today I have something special for my followers and readers? A INTERVIEW! Yes.. Amazing..

I came up with a new idea where I interview gaming people that are on the net… and Report it back on here? My first choice was going to be ” PewDiePie” but all i could get out of him was Screams and Disney is a ruthless overlord at times…. So It was a no go..

So I introduce to you.. Boogie2988.. The YouTube guy that a bunch of people want to be like… In the styling of Twitter DM.. Enjoy the read!


@ZQuestion –  Hi Boogie/Francis are you ready for the interview?

I sadly did not get a response for 22 days but on day 23 the interview started

@Boogie2988 –  what interview?

@ZQuestion – The one your in right now? So Boogie.. You like gaming.. that’s correct right?

@Boogie2988 –  Yea

@ZQuestion – Am I you?

@Boogie2988 – No

@ZQuestion –  Oh.. Well I know you have been married for awhile to @dez2988… She has Dez in her name.. I have it in mine.. Am I her?

@dez2988 – What? No! Why would you even ask a question like that?

@ZQuestion– Journalism… Journalism

@Boogie2988 – So who are you?

@ZQuestion – I am that person that plays a bunch of games on the PlayStation family.. I hate games…

@dez2988 – But if you hate video games what is the point of this Interview and why would you play so many?

@ZQuestion – Journalism…

@ZQuestion – Back to the interview, Boogie you like Games correct?

@Boogie2988 – Well I run a youtube channel that is mostly about games. So I will say Yes

@ZQuestion – Well I was just checking because so many.. Just don’t like games.. but they love that YouTube money and the power of Youtube.. It is like

@ZQuestion – Highlanders or something..

@Boogie2988 – No,not for me, I like gaming and my fans. They keep me cool and happy

@ZQuestion – You have over a million fans, they should keep you cool forever.. They should give you a lifetime of cool by that logic.

@ZQuestion – So are you enjoying your next gen consoles?

@Boogie2988 – Yes I enjoy my next gen consoles that was introduced to me by big time Industry people from Sony and Microsoft.. Wink Wink..

@ZQuestion – Got to love Puerto Rico…

@Boogie2988 – What

@ZQuestion – I wonder when they will become a state.. I am sure they are just trying to find a country that will give them more money to join..

@Boogie2988 – America is the best

Out of no where.. a random Pete Dodd appears!

@atFamousmortimer –  Well (expletive deleted) is only (expletive deleted) but they will try to get that (expletive deleted) by the fall.

@ZQuestion – Damn..

@ZQuestion – Well boogie It was nice having this Interview with you.

@Boogie2988 – It was not much of a interview, more of a quick chat. Would you like to ask about any of my youtube videos or upcoming projects?

@ZQuestion – I said good day sir…


And that was that..

If you can watch Boogie2988 videos online… it is on YouTube.. you cant miss him.. You type a game name in.. He pops up first or second.. might be for some other game.. but it happens..

Also like to thank his wife for the kind words, I am not sure if you she has a site or anything..

Pete Dodd does at

I would interview him but.. It would be mostly censored.. So.. Just check out his site I guess?

You can follow all of them using the twitter handles above.. Or follow me.. I don’t have that many followers.. Yea…

And I would like to thank you the reader?







Disclaimer – None of this happened.. No Real Interview took place. This is a parody?






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