The Almighty Mini Reviews for February 21st to.. Today the 10th?


It is that time of the month… No it is not the first.. it is the 10th.. I do what I want? Mini Reviews for what all I have played in the last 18 days or so? Read down bellow?

So you know the drill but If you don’t.. You should know I play everything and this is my opinions on whatever I have played new in the last 18 days on the PS3,Vita and PS4.

So No pictures, Just name, what console and a mini review for each one.. and If I think you should buy or check it out… Simple… Clean.. and if it jams you can hit someone with it…


Nascar 14 for the PS3, Sweet lord,But isn’t this just a repackage of 13? Everything seemed similar from the loading and main menu’s. Graphics and controls are alright but really.. Wasn’t much of a upgrade. Pass..

Onimusha Soul for the PS3 Via PSN. A Japanese free to play release that shares a famous name. I was excited for this but its not the old Onimusha we all knew and loved.. This is a browser game with city building elements and battles.. Strictly for the Japanese only. Pass

Stick it To the Man for the PS3/Vita Via PSN, To be honest, I really liked the Art style and humor in SITTM… But at the same time.. something was off and I just didn’t want to keep playing.  Maybe after a bit I will go back but I would still recommend to check it out

CastleStorm for the PS3/Vita Via PSN, You destroy towers and protect your own, Its a decent time waster. I only played this on the PS3 for now but I would most likely think it will play better on the vita.. So I say.. Check it out

Escape Plan for the PS4/Vita Via PSN, Believe it or not, I finally bought this since it was on sale and cross buy. The ps4 port is solid and looks pretty good. Not a bad ” escape this room” game. I will say.. Check it out.

Open Me! for the Vita via PSN, Another game I got on sale, You open boxes in AR. If this game wasn’t AR.. it would be better.. It just doesn’t work right half the time. If you have a card it blanks out.. if you don’t.. its shotty as hell.. Just pass..

Thief for the PS3/PS4, I actually rented a copy for each console. I didn’t get far.. I have never been a fan of stealth but I will play them. So I start up the game on the PS4, Looked pretty good.. I did my looting and then running.. and then stealth showed.. then the AI was being dumb as hell when I had to cross over a inch of water.. I turned it off and sent it back.

But then I loaded up the PS3 release.. and sweet lord what a Downgrade graphically it got.. Now i know what your thinking.. but this could of looked a bit better.. It is like they said ” Hey.. don’t make the ps3 release look that great so we can sell more next gen”.

I then played a chapter on the PS3, I went farther then I did on the PS4. Then I turned it off.. When you play in  game where you can hide 1 inch away from a enemy in a shadow and they cant see you but if you walk into a inch of water 50 feet away and they hear you.. Its bs..  IF your into these type of games.. check it out.. if not.. pass..

Castlevania Lord of the Shadows 2 for the PS3, Some people hate the LOTS series.. Some people love it.. and most dislike this one.. It started out strong, you are a bad ass and then.. It gets weird. I understand that this is normal practice but having a Castlevania game in the future is a bit strange. To me it gave off a Darksider vibe more then anything. From what I played, It wasn’t that bad.  Check it out?

Tales of Symphonia Collection for the PS3,  RPG be RPG.. Classic Gamecube game up-scaled to HD, The first game is a bit ruff but that shouldn’t stop you from playing. Just remember to save when you can and you will have fun.. That is all I have to say.. Check it out

The Wolf Among US for the PS3 Via PSN, I loaded it up and updated.. Downloaded episode 2 and started Episode 1 but turned it off early in the game because I had to go somewhere.. So I need to play it…

Nobunaga something something you wont care because its Japaneses for the PS4, Strategy city builder that is in Japanese and you wont care.. Why do I list this.. Why

Yakuza Ishin for the PS4, Another game I had to cut short but enjoyed so far and will get back into playing in the next few days.

Dokuhana for the Vita, Japanese Novel release that you wont care about and is a bit short.. Seriously a 2 hour platinum.. I don’t even like platinum’s..

Shin Koihime Musou Otome battle for the PS3, Japanese fighter but a bit weird.. you see. Its based on The Three Kingdoms.. But females.. Yea.. weird I say.. Solid fighter with some hella difficulty mixed in.. Check it out?


MUD for the Vita, Mud Bike racing! Its alright, nothing special. Seems to offer a chunk of content and has trick modes.. Controls are alight.. Check it out if its cheap.


Musou something Dynasty Warriors 8 XL for the PS4, Japanese release.. Sweet lord.. This looks like they took the PS3 release.. Ported it to the Vita.. and then did a HD port from the vita to PS4. Muddy as hell looking. Motion Blur and texture problems everywhere. I didn’t experience any slow downs but really.. I would just stick with the ps3 or vita release… unless you just want a ugly DW game for the PS4.

Dead Nation for the PS4, More or less its the same as the PS3 release but with a new mode for people on stream to mess with you.. It was free though..

Infinite Stratos 2 for the Vita, A novel game from Japan.. You won’t care about it.. no one ever does..

South Park The Stick of Truth for the PS3, This game lived up to the hype. One of the best licensed games to be release. Easy to get into and plays out smooth. Humor is everywhere, My complaints is the story.. Its a bit short if you really think about it and the overuse of some characters and the underuse of others..  Other then that.. its really damn good. Just be warned it is very much for adults.. some things I was a bit shocked they actually put in..  Buy it

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1 and 2 for the PS3 Via PSN, The season pass was on sale so I decided to pick it up.. Episodes are a bit shorter this season so far but still pretty great overall. From what all has happened so far.. I can tell some crazy stuff is going to go down. Buy It

Darkside Princess Aka Deception IV for the Vita, Playing through the Japanese release has been a headache.. Not because of the game.. The game is fun and easy to play… Brutal but difficult as hell at times.. No my pain comes from it corrupting my game save 3 times..  Thank god for the cloud.. but still its a good game.. and I can see hours put into it easily. I do wish you could save during the chapter.. Buy It.

Last but not least.. a game that is so bat shit crazy.. you might want to import it.. Seriously

Sakigake!! Otoko Juku: Nihonyo Korega Otoko Dearu for the PS3, This game is seriously bat shit insane.. You thought Jojo is weird.. No.. this bastard is.. Its a strange hybrid of school, fighter and mini game. You unlock fighters.. fight in stages.. then you might have a math test right after.. or a english test.. or paddling..  Just look at this!

You have a fighter that farts on people… Buy it!

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