The Short Review.. List.. thing.. February 20th


It is that time of the month! No not period time, I didn’t link that first sentence to a periods/dots… Damn I just did..

It is the time when I do one or two line reviews of everything I have played so far new in the month. I know you might be wondering why I am uploading this on the 20th? Well I wanted to make it a two part epic!

Here is the deal, No graphics… No Links.. Just name of the game.. what I played it on and what I think about it in short form and If I think you should check it out.. I know it will be boring but it will be quick.






Tiny Brains for the PS3/PS4 — A cross buy co-op puzzle solving game with rodents. Graphics are alright and fun can be had in solo or with friends. Might want to check out the demo first.

Zeno Clash 2 for the PS3 — A first person brawler/shooter. Picked this up since it was Published by Atlus and was on sale for S7.99 on the PSN.  Has a bit of “Rage” feeling to me. I never played the first game.. So might be why I couldn’t get in it.. Try the Demo First…

Super Heroine Heroes for the PS3/Vita — A Japanese only release! Plays like Super Robot War because it is by the same people. You control anime girls and gals in a strategy game. It is alright and pretty easy for non Japanese to play. Its a maybe suggestion.

GunSlugs for the Vita — A old school pixel.. see how far you can go while shooting everything and trying to live.. If you like Metal Slug.. you will love this.. I really dig it.. and it is only $2.50 so you should buy it if you own a vita..

DiveKick for the PS3/Vita — I was late to this.. I picked it up during the flash sale for $2.50. First off it is a fighting game that you play by only Diving or Kicking.. A game for the hardcore. I liked it but at the same time I deleted it off my vita because it pissed me off.. and I will most likely never play it again.. Demo it..

Contrast for the PS4 — I know what you are thinking.. This is the Japanese release.. I know I know.. But I got it for free with plus. Still a solid game… Get it for free on Plus..

DreamClub Host Girls on Stage for the PS4 — A free game on the Japanese psn for PS4.. and all you do is watch girls sing the same song over and over again.. If you want free trophies in 20 minutes.. check it out..if not.. DON’T DO IT MAN!

Sudoku for the PS4 — Its Sudoku.. you can stream it so others can watch you play.. It only cost 500 Yen..

Three Koi Senki for the Vita — A Japanese novel game, you wont care.. But a person time travels through a book to help soldiers.. I think..

Super Hang On for the PS3 — A old Sega classic that will give you a seizure if you are into seizures. I got it for free but it is usualy $5.. Not bad for a old race to point racing game.

Lightning Returns for the PS3 — The final chapter to the XIII saga, At first I wasn’t that impressed but after awhile I got into it and I can say it is a solid game.. Just different then the others. I say check it out.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate for the PS3 — It is the Ultimate edition of DOA5, You can play this for free with a gimped release or get the retail disc for the full game. If you like fighters.. go for it..

Toukiden for the Vita — I played the Japanese release at release, I played the US release this month.. It was about the same, This game would be great if it didn’t recycle the same large monsters over and over again.  With battles that take 30 minutes.. It just kills the buzz when it is the same creature..

Fort Defense for the Vita —  Your standard ship and monster defense game. Pretty fun but a little short. I suggest it though since it is pretty cheap on the psn.

Blood Knights for the PS3 — A  game with vampire elements, I bought it because it was on sale and seems like a solid title.. Plays  like a classic dungeon crawlers.. Not bad.. Check out the demo

EDF 2017 for the Vita — Another game I picked up because it was on sale… also I am a fan of EDF.. I already own a Japanese cart of this but figured I double dip for the price. Its 2017 on the vita.. you kill bugs.. You will love it or hate it..

SkullGirls Encore for the PS3 — Got this for free because I owned the previous release. Its the original game with tweaks and a few new things. A solid fighter that people have grown to love.

Deus EX Directors Cut for the PS3 – Another release I got on sale.. I couldn’t get into the first release… and I couldn’t get into this one.. That voice.. I think of Clint Eastwood..

The Walking Dead for the PS3 — I finally finished this on the ps3 and it was pretty much bad ass. I really need to start up season two.. Must play

Puyo Pop Vs Tetris for the PS3/Vita — Its puyo pop and tetris.. mashed together at times! Japanese only release but I say.. Import it.. we will never get it here..

The Lego Movie Videogame for the PS3/PS4/Vita — Fun Fact.. I didn’t care to play-through on the ps3/ps4… But on the vita.. I went through the entire game.. I just got into it on the vita.. Its linear and to the point while keeping things that you love from lego games..  I suggest the vita release then..

Ethan Meteor Hunter for the PS3 — A game I got on sale. You play as a mouse and you can move stuff.. I really just bought it since it was cheap and cross buy for the vita later on.. I will play it on the vita though.. I will!

Danganronpa for the Vita — Buy it.. Buy It now.. I put a review up for this one.. you should read it..

Xblaze Code Embryo for the PS3 — A free PlayStation plus release that is Japanese only. Novel game.. Ties into Blazblue and we will get this in English later on this year.. Just wait and play that one.

Furmins for the Vita — I buy too many games on sale.. Puzzle game by the same people that made that popular game on the ps4 that you got for free.. Think about it.. That is all..

Soul Calibur Lost Sword for the PS3 – A free to play fighter that is on the Japanese psn. Super easy to play.. fun… check it out.



And that is it.. I think.. hopefully I didn’t miss anything..  25 games.. but before you go away…


I like to do two shout outs for the week..

So Visit They are some cool people, running a cool social site for gamers. I hardly log in becasue on my gaming list is horrible but They also give away stuff on twitter if your into games.. So check them out?

Also like to thank the people at Again another group of cool people that do web stuff and is really cool on twitter.. So check them out also…

And Always.. #vita4richlando



This is the end of the post? Have a nice day?





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