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Fight!.. It’s the “Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds” VITA REVIEW!




Have you heard the word.. That Phantom Breaker has finally released in North America! No not the original fighter… The brawler.. On Vita! Read the rest of this entry

DooD! Disgaea 4 for the Vita!


You see that title.. Yeah you see that title.. You know what time it is.. Are you ready to go to Hades and have some fun? Read the rest of this entry

Monster Monpiece – THE REVIEW!


The time has come, The game that I praised so much last year has finally released in the West. Did anything change? Do I still praise it? Do you want to look at a bunch of text and pretty pictures? I think the answer to all of those questions are.. Yes… Just keep reading? Or just go down to the bottom and read those last two sections that start in bold.. You could be playing Monster Monpiece right now.. Read the rest of this entry

The Update/Something Different? OSU! for PC!

If you have been following me on twitter or on here.. You kinda know I play a bunch of games on the PlayStation Family Tree… Time to time I check out IOS and Android releases also.. But rarely.. PC.. You see for over 10 years I used a old Sony Vaio Desktop.. For over 10 years it did most of what I wanted. Out of all the years..I had only added a stick of  Ram to its board max of 1gb and threw in a cheap video card so I could watch videos in 720p..  But when Microsoft Announced they would cut the support on Windows XP this year.. I started to think.. Maybe it is time for a new pc. Read the rest of this entry

Raiden IV Overkill.. THE REVIEW!


Do you like arcades? Do you even remember arcades.. The good old days of pumping a few dollars into a machine because you were not that good at whatever game but you had fun..  Nowadays arcades are rare… but the spirit lives on… and this week.. Raiden IV Overkill was released on the PSN.  Long Live Bullet Hell! Read the rest of this entry

Shuhei Yoshida aka YOSP .. The Interview!


It is that time again, Where I Interview people from the game industry!  This week we have someone very special. Shuhei Yoshida! You know who he is.. President of World Wide Studios for SCE… Goes by @yosp.. Now you know him.. You guys.. You guys got to get organized.

Well are you ready? Did I get any new game info out of him? Just have to read…

Read the rest of this entry

Dezkly ZQuestion Interviews Boogie2988?


If you have been following on twitter or just looking at this site.. I usually talk about games.. Well today I have something special for my followers and readers? A INTERVIEW! Yes.. Amazing..

I came up with a new idea where I interview gaming people that are on the net… and Report it back on here? My first choice was going to be ” PewDiePie” but all i could get out of him was Screams and Disney is a ruthless overlord at times…. So It was a no go..

So I introduce to you.. Boogie2988.. The YouTube guy that a bunch of people want to be like… In the styling of Twitter DM.. Enjoy the read!

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Sometimes.. I just gotta believe.. The PaRappa That never came?


Alright it is April 1st, that time of the year of April Fools articles and news reports. The best time for me to talk about this.. The Parappa the Rapper game that never came.. Is it real or just a April Fools joke? You believe what you want? Read the rest of this entry

The Short Review.. List.. thing.. February 20th


It is that time of the month! No not period time, I didn’t link that first sentence to a periods/dots… Damn I just did..

It is the time when I do one or two line reviews of everything I have played so far new in the month. I know you might be wondering why I am uploading this on the 20th? Well I wanted to make it a two part epic!

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February got Game!


So It is the first of February.. Its the 6th! What all is coming out this month.. What Do i think? Are you even here to read this.. No… I will just ramble down below…

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