The Update/Something Different? OSU! for PC!

If you have been following me on twitter or on here.. You kinda know I play a bunch of games on the PlayStation Family Tree… Time to time I check out IOS and Android releases also.. But rarely.. PC.. You see for over 10 years I used a old Sony Vaio Desktop.. For over 10 years it did most of what I wanted. Out of all the years..I had only added a stick of  Ram to its board max of 1gb and threw in a cheap video card so I could watch videos in 720p..  But when Microsoft Announced they would cut the support on Windows XP this year.. I started to think.. Maybe it is time for a new pc.

So I got one..  I had a budget and it is not the best build  in the world but It is solid.  So the past few days.. I have been messing around in Windows 8.1… I leave it on the desktop mode 99% of the time.. I hate the other side.. I really really do..

So I made a Steam Account.. I am DezklyZQuestion… Some one took ZQuestion a long time ago.. But now I have Steam.. Have not bought anything yet but now I can.. I guess? But Anyways..

Lets talk about a PC Game!

While searching the net for rhythm games I remembered a game I had tried out a few years back… OSU!


Ok.. Do you remember OSU on the DS? No.. Well do you remember Elite Beat Agents? You Do? Well this is a fan made PC game… That is heavily active.. and they have added so much more since the last time I tried it out several years ago.

OSU! is a free to play rhythm game that is mostly community driven. You can take your own music…make music levels  and then upload it to share with everyone!


Installation is easy and on your first boot up you have a few prepacked songs.. You can go on the web and get more songs.. Drag them into the directory and bam.. You have a nice collection.


You can create a account and it will keep track of what you played.. Your scores..Your rank on ranked tracks and if you donate a few dollars you can actually get access in game to a search feature where you can download new tracks… I say it is worth it and you will go download crazy. They also have in game chat set up.. So you can actually chat with other people that are playing and get suggestions.. It is pretty cool

Or you can play offline mode with no account.. But online is the best..

When I first played it had only one mode.. the OSU! mode.. You click on the numbers and drag to the beat.. Now they have 4 modes!  Here is a few pictures of each mode..

2Your regular OSU mode

3Collection Mode, Collect fruit to the beat..

5I cant remember the name but it plays like guitar freaks…



TAIKO MODE! Hell YEAH! I almost bought a Japanese WiiU to play the latest Taiko.. Screw that crap..  Best thing.. It has support for a Wii Mote and Taiko Drum.. Seriously this game… It is Amazing..

The song database is huge, You have songs from all around the world.. Some even have videos that play in the background or a slideshow.. It is some pretty cool stuff that some people have put together..

Now keep in mind, This is all fan created.. Some are awesome… Some are bad.. It is a mixture of quality of work. The game itself is very solid and I highly Suggest you checking this out right now if you like music games.. Really.. Do It now.. go here..

Seriously.. Check it out if you have not before.. Go download it now..It is so awesome.. Sign up for a account.. Beat my score? Do it! For the love of the almighty.. DO IT! Its Free! Free I tell you! Free!




About Dezkly ZQuestion

A Gamer that plays all the PS3/Vita/PS4 Retail Releases.. and more? Over 4200 games played.. and counting?

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