Raiden IV Overkill.. THE REVIEW!


Do you like arcades? Do you even remember arcades.. The good old days of pumping a few dollars into a machine because you were not that good at whatever game but you had fun..  Nowadays arcades are rare… but the spirit lives on… and this week.. Raiden IV Overkill was released on the PSN.  Long Live Bullet Hell!hqdefault

Raiden, The shmup side scroll bullet hell series that has been around for over 20 years.. Has finally graced the Playstation 3 with the release of Raiden IV Overkill.  Moss the developers of Raiden III is back with Raiden IV.Believe it or not.. Raiden IV was originally released in the Arcades of Japan in 2007 . In 2008 it was released for the Xbox 360 for Japan and one year later released on the 360 for North America.

r1You boot up the game and right out the gate you have choices. Overkill, Additional,Score Attack, Arcade and World Rankings… Boss Rush Mode unlocks about halfway through your play of Arcade/Overkill. They also included a Replay section if you would like to watch your saved play throughts and a Gallery mode of ships that you can unlock by just playing the game..

So what is new in Raiden IV Overkill? Well Overkill mode… Yep.. that is why they added Overkill to the title.  So What is new in Overkill mode? Well overkill..  Certain enemies will keep taking damage after being destroyed… The more you hit them afterwards.. the more the bar fills.. the more points you will get.  Overkill mode is basically a tweaked arcade mode..

Now I know what you are thinking, “Well that doesn’t look like much..” and I will tell you.. You are wrong.. Very wrong…

Once you pick what mode you want to play.. Lets say Overkill for example.. You get to pick your play style of playing at 1st or 2nd player.. Or if you have a friend you can play co op.. Or if you really want to control two ships at once but only have two hands and a controller.. Dual Mode is for you!


After you pick if you want to play single or not.. You have multiple difficulties you can pick from.. Starting from Practice mode.. Where your enemies do not shoot… to Ultimate.. You will die like crazy mode.. After that You can pick your character ship. You have three choices and all three are good to go from the start.  My advice.. The fairy seems to be the most powerful but also the hardest to keep track on screen at times.. Trust me..

After you pick your character ship.. Your off… Depending on what Character you picked you might have a choice of what type of main and sub weapon you would like to start off with.  You main weapons are Vulcan, Laser, Proton and Plasma. Sub weapons are your missiles like Nuclear and Homing.  And your off!


You are in pure bullet hell with your certain set of lives and continues.. Depending on what Mode you are playing. Most will allow continues but a few do not. So your best chance is just to learn pasterns and pay attention. Also using your bombs as a quick shield is a good idea also.. Since when you die they do refill.  With 14.. well I say really 15 since the final boss has its own stage.. Plus bonus missions from time to time.. Collect power ups, collect bombs, switch weapons and try to beat the high scores. You will have a hell of a time.


The Review Part of the Review?

Raiden IV Overkill graphics have held up pretty good for a game that was first Introduced in 2007. The soundtrack is what you expect from a SHMUP, It might not be the best but it is not bad at all.  What surprised me is how little this game would ever lag. 99.9% of the game ran smooth and you would only get a small bit of lag at times with things got so hectic on the screen but it would only be for half a second or so.

Multiple modes is a nice touch. Most is standard issue but have a ton of re playability and is always nice to see.

Levels and enemies  are solid, Yes it kinda does suck that the game is really 7 Stages but then repeated but this is common in these types of games.  Your fighting enemies in open areas to outerspace.. What is not to love? Enemies are plenty and depending on the difficulty they will go for the throat. All signs of a great SHMUP.

One of the odd choices that I noticed was the leaderboard system.  You have to play in World Rankings mode to be added to the online leaderboard. This may sound weird but this is actually a smart move. See you can customize a bit in the other modes with lives and bombs but in World Rankings you are set with a set difficulty/lives/bombs.. So everyone is on a fare playing field.

Another nice touch was having all three character ships ready to go from the start. I do wish it would of had another ship or so but the ships in game have enough variety to make the player happy.

Overall Opinion?

Overall I really like Raiden IV Overkill, The new mode is a nice touch for people who want to get the highest score possible.  I also like all the choices of play. For 19.99 on the PSN.. it is a solid buy and I would highly suggest it to any BulletHell/SHMUP fan.. They will love this! This is also a solid entry if you just want to get into these types of games.. With Practice and Easy mode being a perfect trainer for beginners.  Go buy it now! LONG LIVE BULLET HELL!


Developed by Moss and Published by UFO Interactive.

For sale right now on the PSN for 19.99 .. Here is a link?





Disclaimer! I actually won a code from the UFO Interactive Twitter and then given a review code from a nice PR person but I gave that back so they could spread the love of almighty BulletHell..



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