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Shuhei Yoshida aka YOSP .. The Interview!


It is that time again, Where I Interview people from the game industry!  This week we have someone very special. Shuhei Yoshida! You know who he is.. President of World Wide Studios for SCE… Goes by @yosp.. Now you know him.. You guys.. You guys got to get organized.

Well are you ready? Did I get any new game info out of him? Just have to read…

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New Games You Say… They Released WHAT!? 9/10 Releases


Its that time of the week again… Tuesday… What Will I be checking out this week… Just horrible games.. Maybe…

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Vita on TV! or how Sony Thinks the Vita might be Ouya…


Sony Press Conference at TGS this year was a shocker.. Kinda.. Vita Love everywhere… Get ready to read!

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