Twirl! on The PlayStation Vita! The Review!


A long time back I said I would be stepping out of the video game review.. game.. But after much consideration and a almost review last December. I am back on a special occasion and if this works out… I might be back for a bit more.. So lets go


Are you ready for the Review of a UK import… “Twirl” On the PlayStation Vita? Wait.. You never heard of this? Well.. Get Ready!


Recently I was perusing the internet for new exotic imports and I came upon the all might Amazon..  Well I started looking at stuff and this caught my eye. I had never heard of it before, So I started to look up more information about it. Then before you know it, I had purchased it from Amazon. It took a few weeks with a few other items but It finally showed up… About a month back.. Well.. Lets start the review!



Twirl in shrink wrap


The first thing I noticed that the package is not that eye grabbing. It is a bit basic and if you seen this sitting on the shelf.. You might not know what exactly this is.. You know its Developer is top level, It is made by Cadbury… You know they make that yearly release around eater in the states. They also release a few other products in the states but they are handled by another publisher… Hell that publisher sometimes doesn’t even import it.. They just hand it over to a local team in the states that do a half ass job.


For the Health


Here is the back.. It goes into more details of what it is and what it is made of. The UK sure has some weird label values… Energy.. That is another word for Sugar right? As you can see.. It is not that bad. The ingredients is the standard mumbo jumbo chocolate bar.. Lets just crack into this dual pack!



On first glance, It looks like a bloated Twix. It just seems to be a bit bigger.  The first smell you get from opening the package is a light aroma of coco. Think of opening a packet of Hot Coco mix, How some will always dust out of the package. This kind of sets you up for what is coming.



With it fully out of the package you can get a greater idea of what It looks like and how it handles. I find that you do not want to handle this very much. The chocolate will react to your body temperature quickly and it just becomes a mess. I also noticed that the bars do not look perfect, They are misshaped and bumpy.  But all of this does not matter.. What does matter is… What the hell is it and how does it taste?



And here is the money shot. Twirl is a chocolate in chocolate bar. It is not a sold inside.. It is a chocolate woven creation. Folds of airy chocolate woven and pressed together and then chocolate covered. The inside chocolate has a very rich coco taste. It seems to instantly become powerdy and melt in your mouth.  It makes the bar really rich and strong. Cadbury in general has this flavor in its chocolate but it goes overboard with this release. It is chocolate chocolate.



After finishing the first bar and cutting off a piece of another… Because trust me.. You want to make little cuts into these things for melting and strong chocolate factor… The Cadbury after taste had hit me. If you have had a Cadbury Bar you will know that I am talking about.. If not.. Well I will try to explain. Do you remember the smell of a fresh band-aid or peanut shell.. It is that but as a flavor.. It is not bad but it noticeable and most likely they make these bars around other bars that use Nuts. So if you have a Nut Allergy, You might want to stay away.



I had always heard people from overseas say that Cadbury is so much better then Hershey. ” Hershey is bottom shelf chocolate”.  At times I can see that be, Cadbury Bars are better then Hershey bars to me.  Cadbury eggs are a Easter tradition to most. I am just not that much of a fan of Twirl. I just find it a bit too much. Maybe I thought it would be more of a light chocolate wafer inside and that just set me up for disappointment.

Overall I don’t hate it.. I paid about $6 for a six pack.. That was also with free S&H.  I do not regret it but I just don’t see myself going back for more.

Positives and negatives  of the Cadbury Twirl on a PlayStation Vita..

Positives… Chocolate lovers will love it.. If you are a big fan of Cadbury you will be more inclined for it..

Negatives… Mess on the vita.. Some people will read this and get mad… They need to see when this was posted..



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