Something is coming! Not that you pervert! Santa is Watching.. He likes it nice..


Christmas time is once again and I am back like that one guy that shows up once a year.. Mom?

If you followed me on twitter, I gave up doing reviews a few months back. A few uppity crackers said some things so I just said ” Screw it.. I can rent or buy games that I want to play.. Instead of using PR to give me everything for free and never buying a game again…” That is what most do it for.. Free Games.. To get into the industry… That is fine and all…but just not for me.


But back to the story of why I am posting this. A few weeks ago I received a press release for a game.. I was interested in it and I decided to fill out the survey. Well I received a code last week.  So the last review from me for 2014 and most likely for a long time will be showing up on the site in a few days.

So what does this do with Christmas? Nothing at all.. It is just the reason for the season.. Presents.. It is all about.. Presents..


Happy Holidays..

Remember Santa is watching you do all those bad things you do because he is totally Real and remember to donate food to Gods Table this Holiday.. So Jesus and God can Eat? post-9023-I-lied-gif-5jdf




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A Gamer that plays all the PS3/Vita/PS4 Retail Releases.. and more? Over 4200 games played.. and counting?

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