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Dezkly Presents.. “Lost Dimension” The Half Ass Review.. For the VITA!


Hello everyone! It has been awhile.. And everything I can’t remember… As fucked up as it all may seem… The consequences that I’ve rendered…
I’ve stretched myself beyond my means. Wait.. Here is a half ass review for a good game.. Enjoy? Read the rest of this entry

Danganronpa.. THE VITA REVIEW!

We have graphics this week!

We have graphics this week!

As some of you know, a little game is hitting the Vita on February 11th.

Now I know what your saying ” But.. its past the 11th now… because I didn’t read this on the 10th!”.

Well.. You should just go and buy the game right now.. But if you would like to read my review for it…

Even though I say you should just go get it right now because it has “Teenagers Killing Teenager”.. That is always a plus in a game.. I wonder if they would make one with Toddlers.. This would be amazing!.. Rugrats edition.. Alright Alright.. Here is my Review.. Down Bellow.. Just read it! It has pictures!

Read the rest of this entry