Inca Kola… Peru Got You?

Inca Kola

Do you like Drinking Soda from  other countries???  Maybe you should read this?

A few weeks ago I was watching some TV and some show was on about American Food company’s around the world.  At the end of the show they got around to Coca Cola, and one of the products that is popular in Peru was the great Inca Kola!

This got my attention, I did a little research online and found that Amazon sells these in a 6 pack for around $8 with prime.. I waited a week or so… but finally decided to pull the trigger.

So I receive the Inca Kola.. My first problem is.. They expire November 11th 2013… That is not that long of a shelf life… So I pop one open.. fresh off the UPS truck… This was a bad Idea! Well it wasn’t a bad idea.. But it was like many soda’s when they are hot.. Not that great..

When I cracked open a can and gave it a sniff.. It reminded me of… Big Red! This is something a lot of people online have compared Inca to… and I have to say.. Yes.. This is basically Big Red… In a weird Yellowish form. IM000659.JPG

So I pored some on Ice… It might of been my batch but really.. I did not taste the sweetness that others have said that it has.. It was basically  a water downed Big Red soda..

If you haven’t had Big Red.. It is a red creme soda.. If you haven’t had creme soda.. Your just lost in this world of soda talk..


At this point of time.. I was a bit disappointed.. I finished off the can and placed a can in the fridge to get cold… But little did i know.. while not having much taste… Does have some caffeine.. 39mg’s in a 12 oz can.


The next morning I cracked open a cold can, This time it had mixed and was actually pretty good.. If you like Big Red..   Would I suggest Inca Kola.. Sure.. If you want to try something new or if your a fan of Big Red..

Pros : If you like Big Red and have a problem with the Red Dye… This is perfect for you

Cons: The Price.. and its basically Big Red.. and you can get Big Red cheap..


If you would like to try it out.. It is still on amazon.. You can also get a 6 pack for around $5.90 from amazon warehouse..

Want to Learn More? Here is a wiki page?




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