From The Dead! – Arcania! on PS3 – US RELEASE!

91vDVgL9sSL._SL1500_I found a North American Release of Arcania for the PS3!.. I played it.. I felt like breaking it.. and here is why!

If you know anything about Nordic Games.. You know they have a history of releasing games later… and later… They rarely release a game on the release date..  So when I heard that old Arcania was being ported over to the PS3 with  them publishing….. I knew what I was getting into..

So I know what your saying…

” Wait.. Arcania.. Gothic 4.. That 360 game that came out in what… 2010?” Yes it is that game! But this time it is just being labeled as Arcania with both the original game and the expansion!

Now here is where things get a bit weird… This was also announced for the 360.. but has disappeared…This title has had so many release date changes on amazon that it was starting to look like it might not be real…

Then one day.. in the great land of Europe… well UK… Reviewers started to get copies and it finally launched for them! We fast forward a few months and I find a copy used on the net!

I figured.. ” Hey.. its going to be the UK release.. that’s fine.. its cheap.. Ps3 is region free.. this will never release in America…” But oh how I was wrong… and shocked when I got this in!

North American Release!

North American Release!

Yes.. That picture is dark.. Yes I stole it off my own Twitter.. But That is it..  a ESRB rated release of Arcania! Its a miracle and it looks like it might actually be released on the 30th of this month!

So I pop it in… It needs to install.. So I let it install for a good 30 minutes… It gets done and the game screen starts up!

Right off the bat you get to pick if you want to play Arcania or Fall of Setariff!

I decide to check out the OG first… Arcania! It loads up.. I start game.. I am playing.. and now I notice.. This game did not age all that great.. Textures loading in and out.. I dismiss this and I am on my first quest. It is a standard hack and slash type RPG.. You get missions.. you go to them.. you do your thing..

Again the Graphics are dated.. but this is alright.. The game plays alright.. a bit choppy at times but nothing that bad.. I get a few trophies and i get a bow! Then I hit a wall.. I am sent to gather some items for my own wedding.. And where I need to go.. It is glitched! You cant get to it! You slide off the map where you need to go…  This was discouraging..  I look around for 20 minutes.. Maybe another path.. No..

You can see where you need to be.. It looks like you need to jump on these three rocks to get to your path.. but no.. you slide off.. I noticed most rocks.. you slide off.. even ones right in the middle of the ground.. Slide off…

So I said screw it.. I will wait for a patch.. lets play the other release on the disc!

I load that up.. I start the game… Graphics are a bit better.. You also start out fully decked out in a suit of armor and a sword that’s on fire.. Yes a damn flaming sword… You also have a shield that looks like a rip off from Dragon age..

So I go along.. I am killing things left and right.. I am doing good.. I am having fun.. but Arcania rears its ugly head again with a glitch that is so mest up that I just couldn’t do anything but laugh.

You meet up with this guy and your transported to a area that has lava pits.. So your suppose to jump over these little pits… Guess what.. You fall into one and your health starts to slowly go under.. and you cant get out of them.. its like a little river of lava under ground..  So I die.. it reloads my checkpoint…

Guess where the checkpoint was.. IN THE LAVA! Since it is underground… and you died underground.. It wants to reload you.. Underground.. So you constantly die.. over and over again while it re-spawns you here.. because that’s where the checkpoint is..

I laughed for about 5 minutes.. and then turned it off.. took the game out and delete the game data..

The game has been delayed for so long… and if they are releasing it like this… Your better off waiting a few months for patches.. if they release it.. or if you want to torture yourself.. check it out when it finally releases for only $29.99…


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