So a Floating God and a Octopus gets into my vita… Part 1


Dakko Dakko!

Do you like games? Do you like old school gaming? Do you own a vita… Well you should.. Vita has games.. and it has “The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus” & “Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD!” now!

What do I think about them? Well I go over one today!

In the Latest update on the PSN store.. Two small games Launched for the vita this week that you might of not noticed..  Two games that use to be mini’s but have been brought over to the glorious Vita. You see Dakko Dakko decided to give the people what they wanted!

Float On!

Float On!

Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims.. IN HD! for the PlayStation Vita!… Yes it is a long title name.. But should that bother you.. No it should not.. Who are you to wave your finger.. you must of been out your head…

Cloud God is a simple game.. In theory.. You are a Cloud God, your job is to protect the pilgrims… This is a easy job at first.. but then quickly.. it become old school!

As a God on your cloud you shoot at enemies with your right stick or buttons if you prefer.. You can also drop bombs with R2 or with a button if you prefer. You collect hearts from the pilgrim to help you grow and improve your weapons.  Again.. at first.. you think ” Hey this is simple” but things change quick and you quickly say” DON’T DIE ON ME PILGRIM!”.

Don't Die on Me Man!

Don’t Die on Me Man!

Your now in a all out war… Think of it as a bullet hell game.. In a way it is.. the stages auto scroll like one..

You are a god.. You can not die.. you can be stunned but you can not die…  But you need those little guys for love.. You have to be idolized.. So you need them.. You must protect them!

Enemies will come at you, they will shoot in random directions.. you must stop them from hitting your pilgrims.. Some enemies will even try to fly off with them.. some will try to crush them! If you allow this to happen.. Game over man.. Game over…

The art style really shows off great on the Vita. It looks great.. Nice and clean..

The game play is a nice throwback to old school games.. Its simple but a challenge..

The game has some meat on the bones.. It has 7 beautifully hand drawn worlds to go through.. 7 Boss fights.. and this isn’t some 5 minutes to go through a world BS here.. No.. It takes longer then that.

Bottom Line.. I like it.. It is a challenge.. You will use your God as a God Shield! You will get game over.. But you will be back for more..

Floating Cloud God in HD! is now on the North American PSN for only $3.49! Yes you should check it out.. that’s also not a bad price!

Join me back Tomorrow and We will talk about a certain Octopus!

Links and Info?

Want to buy the game? Here you go! PSN

Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD was Developed and Published by Dakko Dakko Limited

Disclaimer? One of those nice people from Dakko Dakko provided me with a review code.

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