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Mini Reviews! – March 10th to March 30th!

Picture Goes Here?

Are you ready to read? You are on the internet. No fancy video here.. Just a list of what I think about what new games I have played lately.. It has Magus in it…

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The Short Review.. List.. thing.. February 20th


It is that time of the month! No not period time, I didn’t link that first sentence to a periods/dots… Damn I just did..

It is the time when I do one or two line reviews of everything I have played so far new in the month. I know you might be wondering why I am uploading this on the 20th? Well I wanted to make it a two part epic!

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February got Game!


So It is the first of February.. Its the 6th! What all is coming out this month.. What Do i think? Are you even here to read this.. No… I will just ramble down below…

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The END! Of January 2014


So it is the last of the month… I hardly ever post on here anymore.. You should just follow me on Twitter.. @ZQuestion …You know.. where I talk to myself.. The same thing I am doing on here.. Right now..  Screw it… I talk about games below..

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Its January.. New Games?


You ever think.. “hey.. I wonder what new games comes out this month.. even though I am on the internet because I can read this…”  No? I didnt think so.. well here is some useless reading for you Read the rest of this entry

Games of the Year for 2013? But its 2014!


Back from the Dead like Je… Wait.. I never died.. When Was the last time I posted.. Sweet Lord.. Well here is a list of games to make up for things.. I guess.. Read the rest of this entry

Lets Talk about… Mamorukun Curse!


Lets talk about shoot em up… No not that movie.. SHMUPS! Lets talk about Mamorukun Curse!

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Hot Wheels is NOT… The GOTY.. Short Play


I played Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver for 45 minutes.. What Did I think about it?

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Is it a Diablo.. Or a Legend of Rayman… Not a Review?


I have been playing Rayman Legends and Diablo III for a bit.. So What Do I Think So Far? Do you really want to know? Read the rest of this entry

Project Diva F Releases today… a Rhythm game PSA

The Truth!

The Truth!

Project Diva F.. Is Finally landing in English today… And you should buy it… If you want Rhythm games to live… Read the rest of this entry