The END! Of January 2014


So it is the last of the month… I hardly ever post on here anymore.. You should just follow me on Twitter.. @ZQuestion …You know.. where I talk to myself.. The same thing I am doing on here.. Right now..  Screw it… I talk about games below..

Surprise Surprise! I played games this month.. Its a Christmas miracle! I hate you guys…. I guess I should post some long post about what all I liked.. What I didn’t.. Post pictures.. Give a full 20000 word review for each and every game.. But you know what.. Screw That.. Am I getting Paid to do this.. HELL NO!… Does anyone actually read this.. Most likely not.. You guys are too busy playing games and looking at free internet porn.. Or playing free games and looking at paid porn.. You guys are sickening! You make me sick! I am Sick!

So here is the deal.. No pictures.. I am just going to put the name of the game.. The console and if I liked it or not.. Quick.. Easy.. Wam Bam Thank you Preacher! ARE YOU READDY!!!!!!!! You just thought of “Blind” Didn’t you.. Yep.. I just pissed all over your day..



Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu for the PS3! Fine, Novel Game.. Short though.. Not that perverted

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z for the PS3! Said it one.. Say it again.. The combat screws this game up.. It is so weird and semi broken.. They had a good idea with everything else but.. Pass

Chaos;Head Noah for the PS3! Fine, Violent Novel game.. Has a spooky soundtrack.. Not That Perverted..

Painkiller Hell & Damnation for the PS3! Nordic Games.. Broken.. Mess.. Wave FPS.. Pass

Short Peace for the PS3!  The Suda51 mini game for the Short Peace film series.. Its alright.. A pain at times but alright.. Coming to the states later on this year..

Basara 4 for the PS3! Sadly haven’t had much chance to play this yet.. I just got it last week.. But it is crack..

OMG HD Zombies! for the Vita! This is another game of Crack! I actually won a copy.. Chain killing zombie action.. Seriously its simple.. but complicated.. Pick it up.. its cheap..

Fist of the North Star 2 for the PS3! Another I haven’t played much.. But is mostly like the first game.. you take that any way you want it.. any way you need it..

Rugby Challenge for the Vita! I had no clue what Rugby rules are.. I was confused.. this game doesn’t teach them but I figured it out and its a bit fun.. old game but a fun game..

Brothers for the PSN! Free Game from PS+, People love it.. I haven’t played much of it.. Two stick controlling.. left brain.. right brain.. I am retarded.. I will get back into it soon.

Wonder Book.. Book of Potions for the PS3! The guy that narrates this game is a dick.. Not the real guy but the character.. If you like HP stuff.. not the printer.. Check it out..

Assassins Creed Liberation HD for the PSN! I have seen so many not like this game because it doesn’t look good and because of black flag.. You should of played it on the vita when it first came out.. its hard to go backwards…

Rain for PSN! Your dead or something.. monsters eat you all the time.. Run Run Run.. Perfectly.. Again.. I rather play Clocktower if I am going to be running all the time..

Pool Nation for PSN! First off.. You don’t fucking swim in this game.. Its not a swimming game. Its a snooker game.. Pool.. You know with balls.. I guess Balls goes with swimming also.. Screw it.. Its a fun game though..

Toki Tori for PSN! You play as a bird.. you collect stuff in a level and move on.. that’s about it..

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for the PSN! You already know about this game.. I am not a fan of Far Cry but this game offers a lot of value for being a budget priced download only release.. Check it out

Aabs Animals for the PSN! It was $5 for floaty cats… at least some money goes to help animals.. maybe..

Epic Mickey 2 for the Vita! Broken and Laggy… Only get it if it is cheap.. that’s me being nice..

575 for the Vita! A haiku rhythm game that is in Japanese but is super easy to play and is kinda short.. I had fun with it.. you might.. I don’t know.. i am not a mind reader…


That is it… I played some other stuff.. but been played before or around the end of last month.. That is the new stuff… 19… I guess..  maybe in the next few months I will write full reviews.. if anyone really cares..


You can stop reading now..






Why are you still here!



Seriously.. Go play a game..




























































































































































































This is getting weird… Are you Lost? I am leaving now…


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