Its January.. New Games?


You ever think.. “hey.. I wonder what new games comes out this month.. even though I am on the internet because I can read this…”  No? I didnt think so.. well here is some useless reading for youJanuary is a weird time of the year. It is a fresh brand new year some will say.. Unless your Chinese then your New Year stars around the end of January… BACK TO THE POINT!

If your into gaming… You should know that January is mostly a slow month.. Actually its not really because.. Here is some games that are coming out that you might not even know that was coming out… Enjoy? You wont… Scroll Down Now.. Do It.. Do.. IT?


Short Peace – Tsukigme Ranko .. I’m not going to type that long name.. For the PS3 – 16th Its a game.. Its a movie.. Its a hybrid.. It has a guy dressing up like a girl.. Seriously I have no clue what is going on but I am getting a copy of this.. It is a extremely blind buy for me..


Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Z.. aka OMG Its another DBZ Game That is a little different then the last! For the PS3 and Vita.. Japan 23rd – Everywhere else on the 28th! Its that time of year again… Time to pony up some cash for the same old story we have played a ton of times before.. At one point I had this pre-ordered for the Vita.. Then I found out that it would drop a week later in English… UK is getting a cart.. America is digital only for the vita..  Yep I am just going to use the almighty Gamefly and rent the good ole PS3 release.


Sengoku Basara 4 – PS3… 23rd…About Time! I have been personally waiting for the next installment of Dynasty Warriors on Crack.. Seriously we got screwed over in the States.. No HD Collection.. No Utage.. And we will most likely not get this one either.. Just pick up the Japanese release for mindless fun..


Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost.. BS… PS3… 23rd! Oh Bandai.. You released this once before… People liked it… So you decided to release it with new gundams.. That is fine.. but what is not cool.. Wanting to make these expensive extra Audio releases.. You want 30 extra tracks? Your going to pay a extra $40 for that! Gundam Games always tank in prices also.. So expect it to go cheap soon though..


Rozen Maiden: Wechseln Sie Welt ab – PS3 and Vita.. 30th! It is your usual Anime.. Turned into a novel game.. You wont be interested.. Move on..  The collectors edition does come with a pocket watch… If you like watches.. that go in your pocket..


Utagumi 575 – Vita – 23rd Sega has finally done it.. another Rhythm game.. But this one isnt simple button mashing.. No this is all done by.. Haiku? Seriously.. This is a word music game.. Odd but I am willing to give it a shot…


Disgaea 4 Return – Vita – 30th! Oh look.. Disgaea 4 is coming to the Vita.. Japanese release but don’t be surprised to see this come west a few months later. I actually played a bit of the demo of this on my Vita TV… It looked exactly like the PS3 release.. that is pretty good and should keep most people happy.. Nothing wrong with Disgaea on the go..

I know… I know.. ” Where the Hell is the American Releases… Not none of this Japanese BS!”

Cool your jets man… Here.. Some stuff in English!


Tomb Raider : Definitive Edition.. AKA.. We were not happy with the first round of sales.. So buy it again? for the PS3/Xbox One/PS4Short Story Time! Last year Tomb Raider hit the scene and became a hit with the community.. Reviewers loved it.. People loved it.. But Square Enix.. They didn’t… They thought it did not sale what they thought it would.. So a year later.. We get this.. A way for SE to get a bit more for the charts.


Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD – PSN/PC/Live 14th
Someone at Ubisoft finally played Liberation on the vita and had a thought.. ” This game is awesome.. why the hell is this not on anything else?” And that is how it got to HD.. Seriously one of my top games for 2012.. Excited for it.. haven’t bought it yet…

OlliOlli – Vita – 21st No words for this one folks.. It gets the special treatment of a video.. I can’t wait to check this game out.. It looks addictive… really addictive..



Basement Crawl – PS4 – 21st
A strange bomberman style multiplayer game with a hit of gore.. I honestly don’t know much about this game.. It looks like it could be good fun though if you have a bunch of friends playing.


The raven might release this month.. but most likely not…


And that is about it… Now you can go away?

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