Games of the Year for 2013? But its 2014!


Back from the Dead like Je… Wait.. I never died.. When Was the last time I posted.. Sweet Lord.. Well here is a list of games to make up for things.. I guess.. Its that time of the year when we have Turkey… Ham.. Chinese Food.. Wait.. We are past that.. Its January 2014 now…  Here is my Top Games for the Year of 2013 that is on some PlayStation type device.. I hope you enjoy? In no particular order..  Also it is mostly Vita… Who knew Vita had games…


Dragon's Crown Screenshots (31)

Dragon’s Crown for the PS3/Vita! – A must own hack and slash.. Dungeon Crawler.. RPG-Like Epic! I always tell people to pick this game up on the vita.. Your vita needs this game.. If you don’t let your Vita enjoy this game.. I hope your Vita does something evil to you!


Battle Princess of Arcadia for the PS3 – This Japanese only release ranks in one of my Top Spots for Imports this year. A strange hybrid of strategy/action makes it one fantastic ride. From being just a simple hack and slash to being almost a pikmin/patapon strategy battler.. I said this before and I will say it again.. If NisAmerica doesn’t bring this over.. I am done with them..

28143-conception header

Conception II for the Vita – Another Japanese but… THANK GOD THAT ATLUS IS BRINGING THIS OVER! release! A great dungeon crawler with a twist.. You romance the ladies.. They make babies with you… You make babies with many ladies.. Your kids help you in battle..  From all the different classes/combinations and dungeons.. You will rack up hours in this game..



Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack! – Not really new.. but they brought it back.. and it is also not a video game.. but for god sakes.. It is a game.. To figure out how to eat this delicious mess.. I never got one that looks like that picture.. even though mine have been extremely loaded up.. I suggest ripping it apart in 3.. While I am on this subject.. Don’t get the Chicken Release.. That shredded chicken is just wrong.. and WHATS UP WITH NOT BRINGING THE CHICKEN FLATBREAD BACK TACO BELL?!


Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Vita – To be honest.. I’m not into the Arkham Series..  They are ok.. but this game.. It was different.. It was short.. but It was a solid release that I really liked… And that is all I have to say..

Games I would like to mention that I really liked but came out in 2012.. but was ported or put in English in 2013?


Are you man Enough?

Are you man Enough?


Now Back to the 2013 Games?


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus for the Vita.. Another Japanese only release that will most likely never get a English release because.. they would really have to censor and change so much.. You want to know more about this game.. Google.. Go on.. Do it…


Metal Gear Rising Revengance for the PS3 – I am a fan of Platinum.. Some might know that.. I am not much of a fan of Metal Gear.. Some might know that also.. Me and Stealth just don’t mix.. But this game was just Awesome.. Short.. but Awesome.. and it also came with a beautiful Plasma lamp.. If you had the funds..


High School of the Dead Pachislot for the Vita – A  Japanese only slot machine game made my list.. because I like slot machine games.. It is also High School of the Dead.. You do the math…


Skylanders Swap Force for the PS4! – I know what your thinking.. But this game is just pure fun.. I’m shocked myself really… Activision game on my list.. Madness.. But It made it…


Army of Two Devil’s Cartel  for the PS3 – To be honest another shocker… This game was a nice send off End to the Army of Two Franchise.. If you played it.. you will understand why I say this.. Solid Co-Op with a bit of clumsiness at times.. But still a fun game.


Monster Monpiece for the Vita- Japanese only card battle strategy game.. again will never get a English release but is so simple that anyone can jump in and play.


And that is the end… Wait.. your wondering.. What about Bioshock Infinite and GTA V.. Well I really like them.. even though Infinite disappointed me.. I just feel like it was something that would pop up on everyone list… Some times you have to be different..  Also.. Where is Beyond? Well I really like Beyond but I have one problem.. I never finished it.. and I want to see all the endings..


Ok… Maybe I should add a list of games I liked.. but I don’t want to find pictures for and didn’t make the list..

DeadPool,GTAV,Beyond,KingdomHearts 1.5,JoJo,Bioshock Infinite,AquaPazza, Steins:Gate, Most Wanted, BandFuse, Rocksmith 2014,  All the WonderBook Releases I own?

Happy? IS This The End? Yes.. It is the End..

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