Is it a Diablo.. Or a Legend of Rayman… Not a Review?


I have been playing Rayman Legends and Diablo III for a bit.. So What Do I Think So Far? Do you really want to know?

On Tuesday.. I received two games that people have been waiting for… FOREVER!…*Thanks GameFly/Amazon!*…..One that should of released last year on the WiiU and one that people have been playing on pc for over a year..


Lets get to the Devil first.. Diablo III has finally hit the consoles… People on the PC have been enjoying this game for a year and now it is the Console gamer time… And guess what.. It looks like we actually got a good port! HOORAY!

It has everything you wanted from the pc release.. expect online auction house and that ” You must be online to play” BS… The controls.. the graphics.. It all works great on the console release.. Jump in co-op with your friends or just play with them on the same console with local!

So far I am enjoying it.. I got a good hour and a half in so far with a WitchDoctor.. Have not noticed any screen tearing or even slow downs..

Really.. Why are you reading this.. You should be playing this or some other game… ON TO THE NEXT GAME!


Rayman Legends… The game that was suppose to be a WiiU exclusive launch title… that got pushed back.. and then decided to come out to everything else also..

So far I am a good two hours in… and I don’t know man.. I don’t know if I want to continue or not.. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun… Its just… Rayman Origins with a few new bells and whistles..

If you have played the demo.. you get a feel of what is new… You have your little guy help you out with background items and larger enemies.. this is cool.. but it looks like the musical levels are saved for the end of each painting.. That is kinda a bummer if that is true.. This was what I played over and over again in the demo.. It is a great Idea.. but only having one stage of this in each painting.. but having other rush modes… I don’t know…

You also have access to origin levels.. this give it even more of the feel of it being some sort of add-on. Yes its a nice touch to include them.. Its also a nice touch to include the couch co-op soccer mini game..  You unlock characters… you get scratch offs now to win different things..

Everyone loves it so far.. I like it.. I enjoy it.. but I do question the delay and then “coming to everything”…. Was the game like this in the original WiiU build.. or did they see that they didn’t have enough.. So they went back.. splashed stuff in and spread it on all the consoles?




And that Is It So Far!

Just started up Kickbeat.. It is going to take awhile to get the hang of..

Got a few hours into Atelier Meruru Plus… I will be writing a post about that farther in… I know what your thinking.. “Wait.. When did they put out a Atelier game on the vita…” and the answer is.. Yesterday…

Do I like it.. Yes.. but that info will come later on this week.. or early next week.. or when I hit year 3.. Not in 3 years.. but 3 years in the game.. Yeah..

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