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From The Dead! – Arcania! on PS3 – US RELEASE!

91vDVgL9sSL._SL1500_I found a North American Release of Arcania for the PS3!.. I played it.. I felt like breaking it.. and here is why!

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Inca Kola… Peru Got You?

Inca Kola

Do you like Drinking Soda from  other countries???  Maybe you should read this? Read the rest of this entry

Killer IS DEAD! Hey.. Been Trying to Meet ya.. Impression/Review


I completed Killer Is DEAD! Want to know what I think of it? Without that much Spoilers?

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How I Touched My Vita Screen A Lot.. AKA Dragon’s Crown Review


Warning! The Following Review was done by someone that might be Insane.

It is also horribly put together!  It also might contain some mild spoilers..

Not like I’m listing bosses but.. you should at least guess what

the last boss is by now.. Read the title of the game… Read IT!

You have been warned?

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