Mini Reveiws of what I played March 31st to April 28th?

Fancy Picture Here?

Are you ready to read? Do you want to know what all I played for this last month? Do you want to know if it was good or not? Do you care… Most likely not.. But the show goes on…

Here is the drill, No Pictures.. Just text.. What new games I  played…. What console… What I think about it.. Simple.. Clean.. Easy.. Here We Go…


Putty Squad for the Vita – After months of delay this old school platforming game finally hit the Vita.. Graphics are old school smooth.. like claymation like.. Controls are fine but this game isnt for everyone.. If you liked to original release from the 90’s check it out..

Hyperdimension Neptune Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION for the Vita – This has been on my mini review before but I finally got to playing more of this.. Uses the same battle system as V, Solid Import that I can see anyone picking up and playing. I enjoy it but hate the double battles at times. Grind Away!

スーパーロボット大戦 for the PS3 PSN – Fun Fact, I almost imported a new release that offered this game as a pre-order bonus.. That game was almost $80 and they always drop price quick.. I didnt do it.. But thank god they put this up on the psn for only $12.. It is a HD remake of a super robot war game.. I have not played it that much but the graphics are about par as the latest Pokemon game.. Pretty Clean looking..

Contrast for the PS3 PSN – Yep.. The same game I have played on the PS4 about.. 3 Times.. I finally checked out the North American PS3 release.. Seems solid and looked pretty good compared to the PS4 release..

Demon Gaze for the Vita – Hey.. I wrote a review on this.. Bottom Line.. Brutal but Solid FPRPG.. I really liked it and the game can become crack at times.. even though you will die a lot..

Pixel Junk Shooter 2 for the PS3 PSN –  I loaded this up but I never got a chance to play it.. Horrible I know.. but I have a good reason behind it that I can not talk about.. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Sacred Citadel for the PS3 PSN – Hey.. I have played a game named Sacred before.. And I don’t remember it being  a old school brawler. I had fun with it until I could not play it anymore.. Another ” I cant  talk about what happened’ type thing..  Might want to check it out if you like old school games like the original D&D or Golden Axe.

Conception II for the Vita – English release finally made it and It is still the great game that I praised it for last year. It does seem like they bumped up the perverted stuff a bit but overall.. Check it out.. Your children need you.. make them.. Make them fight with you!

F1 2013  for the PS3 – A game that was suppose to launch last year.. Finally launched a few weeks ago and that is all I have to say.. I am not good at realistic racing.. The cars look great.. tracks not bad.. but a game not for me..

World Gone Sour for the PS3 PSN – I picked this up during the 99 cent sale.. I always thought this was a kids game.. I was wrong.. The humor in this game is dark and I found myself laughing at times at some of the stuff the narrator says.. I would check it out for the obscureness.

Urban Trial Freestyle for the PS3 PSN – Another 99 cent release I picked up. Solid getaway from the cops but your doing tricks in this  Trials knock off game. I actually think I enjoyed this more then the other trial game that came out for $40..

勇者のくせにこなまいきだ。G for the Vita – This is actually out in North American PSN now but the trophies show up in Japanese. Its that free to play puzzle game.. You play as badman.. you defeat heroes and turn them into slaves or upgrades.. It is fun but can be forgettable.

Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters for the PS3 and Vita – Artwork and Animation in this game is Beautiful. It is flowing and they did a great job but… the game itself.. When it is time to battle ghost.. It goes down hill.. You play on a grid like a board game.. You move.. Ghost move.. it becomes a frustrating game of chance and chess..

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil  for the PS3 – It is soccer, It has the modes of Fifa 14 but a new mode for Brazil world cup.. It is ok.. but it is soccer..

Burger Time World Tour for the PS3 PSN – I picked it up since it was on sale and about to be pulled from the store.. If you liked the original.. Pick it up before it is gone..

Dont Starve for the PS4 PSN – Alright this is just a Japanese stackable release.. Game is in Japanese but it is Dont Starve.. about it..

Trials Fusion for the PS4 – Game looks and run smooth but with them nickle and dimming this release.. I don’t see it holding up for that long of a time. Rent to see if you want to invest type of game..

That Trivia Game for the PS4 – Another game I did a review for! You love trivia or games for your family to enjoy.. Get this now.. Solid as hell for $10 and is super easy for no gamers to pick up and play.

Dead Nation for the Vita – The PS3 Classic ported to the Vita. Runs pretty good.. I didn’t have any slow downs and it seem to be a nice fit for the vita. Killing zombies on the go.. This is about your best bet.

Dead Island Riptide for the PS3 – Alright another Stackable Japanese release, I didnt like this game much when it first came out.. I played a hour of this one and I enjoyed it a bit more but I still wasn’t that impressed with it..

Dream Club Go Go for the PS3 – I am sorry to say but I swear they just re-release the same game every few months with a new name and some new costumes.. Nothing special about this release.. You can feed a girl a banana.. that is about it..

俺たちに翼はない for the PS3 and Vita – A novel game that no one that reads this will care about.. Yep..

Natural Doctrine for the PS4 – I had high hopes for this one.. a new Japanese PS4 game! I was disappointed. You move your clay looking characters in a turned based game.. I am fine with this.. But something just does not click.. the fun factor is just not around..

Project Diva F 2nd for the Vita – Its a rhythm game.. Yes I like it.. More songs.. Difficulty is bumped up but still a really fun game.

Lego the Hobbit for the PS3, PS4 and Vita – Yep I tried out all three.. And I am not fond of Lego games.. they just pump out a release every few months it seems.  PS4 release Looks the best hands down. The game looks and runs great.. The PS3 release is gimped to hell.. They overly compressed the video cut scene so pixelation and jaggies is all you can see.  As for the last few releases on the vita. They are using the 3ds version instead of just porting the ps3/360 release. I personally do not mind because it makes it a bit different but to others.. they hate it.. If you want to play.. I say Vita or PS4 release..

Puzzle Quest Galactix for the PS3 PSN – A older release that I finally got to play. Brings some interesting twist to the battle puzzle genre.. But I have heard newer and better version is out..

Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath and Beyond for the PS3 PSN – Another Older release, You played the 3rd person release along time ago with the video game character stuck in a video game.. Yep.. This is the side scroller release.. Nothing special.. some funny bit lines but.. nothing special..

Alien Rage for the PS3 PSN – Another release I can not really talk about since I ran into a problem while playing it and only got to play a good 10 minutes. It did look pretty though..

King Oddball for the PS4 and Vita – A simple “throw a rock and destroy this in a few turns” type game. What not to love.. If you like angry birds.. you will most likely like this also.. and its cheap.. $8 for two releases is not bad..

Flying Hamster HD for the Vita PSN – I got this for 50 cents on sale.. You play the mini? It is a bullet hell type game that you play as a hamster.. Get power ups.. kill cartoon creatures.. It is alright.

Vivid Memories for the Vita – Japanese release, Anime turned into a game.. It is part dating.. Part mini games.. It is alright just for the mini games that you can play anytime you want.

Jimmie Johnsons Anything with an Engine for the PS3 PSN – This came out a long time ago on retail and now finally got a digital release.. with a new trophy list.. It is a kart racer and not that bad for only $10..

MLB 14 The Show for the Vita – Alright this game looks ok but is it me.. or the stats and general player are all over the place.. I noticed a lot of players are missing and you find people on teams that you have never heard of.. I just do not know about this release..

BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA for the PS3 – It is Blazblue. New release is always a few new fighters and a few tweaks.. You like the series.. you will be happy.. if you don’t.. Just rent it..

Mercenary Kings for the PS4 – I was excited for this game.. Then I played it… and Just did not want to play anymore.. This has the curse of needing multiple people to play with to enjoy.. You play in single player.. you will run into problems.. Maybe some day I will start it up again and get into it..



And that is it.. Now you can go away…





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